Late poop bloomer

I remember when Holden was younger, reading posts made by other moms with babies the same age about their children constantly grabbing at their poopy diapers as soon as they came off.
Holden never did that, and I sort of giggled at the posts- and considered a bullet dodged.

Chalk it up to one more thing I was wrong about.

Holden apparently has jumped on the “I wanna play with my poo-filled diaper” late. About 8 months late.

He’s never really had an interest at all with his diapers.. Clean ones, sometimes- he likes to grab them and carry them around the house like they’re buried treasure, but when he’s on the changing table he’s more interested in yelling at me for cleaning his butt with a cold wipe than grabbing at the diaper i’ve just taken off of him.

This week is a totally different story. As soon as his (surprisingly bad smelling) poop diaper comes off- his hand goes directly to his diaper. I, of course, start freaking out because I don’t want him putting his hand in crap and then trying to eat it like a delicacy like he does with lint or old wrinkly peas that I miss during dinner cleanup- so he crinkles his face and then tries to touch his poo-covered butt. Not just once, but over and over.
It’s not a fun situation, i’m trying to clean him and get him to stop from covering himself in gag-inducing baby crap at the same time, and he’s getting mad because I won’t let him.

I started pondering why he’s just started doing this now as opposed to when he was under 6 months old like other babies- and I think it could be because his crap has changed consistencies from runny ‘baby poop’, to sticky gross corn kernel filled ‘toddler poop.’
I’m sure it can’t be comfortable to have a huge nug of nastiness stuck between your cheeks- but why try to touch it?? Just let mommy do the dirty work and dig it out of your crack- simple as that! Maybe I could just hand him a wipe and let him go to town- but I think the results would be horrifying at best.

Or, y’know.. He could poop in the potty when I sit him there during his regular poop time, and we could alleviate this problem altogether! Knowing Holden, he’d turn around, reach his hand into the potty and scoop the poop right out to play with. Ew.

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If today were Thursday I would scream

It’s only what? 10:30 in the morning and today is shaping up to be the day from hell.

I just finished changing a diaper that would make the most seasoned mother gag. I don’t know what it was that he ate… wait.. yes I do. Beans and onions- never a good idea for a baby. I thought he got it out of his system last night after dinner when he crapped himself crazy, but no.. it was boiling up- just waiting to explode all night.
yay me!

It didn’t help that Holden woke up before 7am this morning, and upon coming into bed with Thomas and I, sleep-kicked me for the next hour and a half. I have NEVER seen a child so restless. Rolling back and forth, kicking, swatting- never once did his eyes open.

And then breakfast- Guess who thought it would be fun to take the full bowl of oatmeal i’d just made and toss it onto my freshly cleaned carpet? You got it- Holden.
And my cereal was already made, so by the time I cleaned the oatmeal up, made a new bowl and got Holden into his highchair.. I was eating soggy disgustingness.

My tolerance is at an all time low right now. I really think I might snap if today were Thursday. As I type this.. Holden is charging up and down the hallway trying to eat dirty Qtips out of the trashcan- I guess that’s a sign that i’d better go.

More later.

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Online Shopping Madness

Ok, so I promised I wouldn’t shop online anymore.. But come on- this is Christmas, who can resist? And sometimes you get the best deals online instead of in the stores.

At Kmart online they have a special sale going on until November 26th (which means I better act fast if I decide to buy something)
Click Here
I see a couple of things I could get for family members- like maybe for one of my step sisters or step mother I could get the Kimono wrap sweater (search ID# 70198911), 10% off online

If we hadn’t of just bought new bedding I might consider getting the Abbey Hill Bedding Collection, which is 30% off online (search ID# 96096112).

From what I read, the sale price is only shown in the cart and not on the actual page- the the numbers might trick you into thinking you’ll be paying more until you go to check out.

If none of that interests you, it seems like EVERYTHING online at Kmart is onsale through December-
mens shirts and bottoms, womens plus sleepwear, infant and toddler bedding, ALL juniors, boys tops, girls tops- the list goes on. There seems to be something for everyone- but it’s only online and only through the 26th.

One other pretty cool thing: There are hidden ornaments all over the website that can give you extra discounts on top of the sale already going on.


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Bit off more than I could chew

If you know me personally, you know that occasionally I blog for money. Which means writing about certain products and receiving compensation for it.
Well.. somehow 3 opportunities I had reserved came available all at the SAME DAMN TIME tonight, which means I have to write about all of them in a 12 hour period.
This means.. this blog will be spammed with Christmas Shopping crap until.. well.. tomorrow..
I don’t know how much more there is to say about layaway!

Anyways, if you’re looking for my regular blog post from this evening.. it’s most likely halfway down the page and it’s called “Oh how I miss tummy sleeping”… at least I think that’s what it’s called. I’m so stressed about having to write these posts right now that I can’t even remember.

I hope you take the time to do a tiny bit of scrolling and read the post (and maybe even comment if you’re feeling generous).

Bear with me. The craziness will hopefully be over tomorrow before noon.. ’cause that’s when they all have to be written by. AAHHHH!!!

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More Christmas shopping madness

I’m overloading myself with information on Christmas Shopping. I’ve just never been good at it- i wait until the last second and have no money to get everything I need.
As i’ve said before- layaway just seems like a really good option at this point.

With Kmart’s Kmart Layaway for the Holidays program, all you have to do is select your items, take them to the layaway counter, make a down payment.. and then pay only once every two weeks. Sounds good to me. Once your payments are completed, the items are (obviously) yours to take him, wrap, and put under the tree (if you have a tree.. we don’t, long story).
Click Here

There’s not a lot of time left before Christmas to make many payments, which is unfortunate (should have looked into this sooner), but any extra time is going to be helpful considering our finances right now.

Considering the fact that we’re not looking to spend much for Christmas anyways, the 10% down payment KMart requires would be a non-issue. And if it so happens that we wouldn’t be able to make a payment, we’d get a refund. Win-win situation it would seem.

It’s hard not to stress out about Christmas- it’s approaching so fast that it’s making my head spin. I still can’t believe Thanksgiving is already next week. As long as there are options for making payments every two weeks (read: layaway), it might not be so stressful after all.


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