The ‘Perfect’ baby head

I don’t go casually throwing out random advice on a regular basis, because I know how much I hated receiving it.. but if there’s one thing I wish I was told when Holden was born- it would be to ROTATE YOUR KIDS HEAD.

That reads really funny out of context but it will make sense as this post goes on.

Like most vaginally born babies, Holden was born with intense cone head.. I literally could not even look at it- it just freaked me OUT. After a few days, it morphed into the normal super-round perfect baby head shape.

Unbeknownst to me (because I didn’t know to look for it), Holden was constantly sleeping on one side of his head. The more he slept there, the more he got comfortable ONLY sleeping with his head turned one way.. and soon… a flat spot wore onto the back side of his head.

Once I noticed it, I couldn’t stop noticing it and it became a source of incredibly paranoia and stress to me.

I did what I always do in a state of baby-panic, I googled! …And asked girls on the mommy-board I post on. The more I saw and read, the more differeing opinions I got. Some people told me it would absolutely correct on its own, and others said it absolutely would NOT- and that he needed a corrective helmet.
If you’ve read the Jenny McCarthy book, then you know exactly what i’m talking about because her son had to have a corrective helmet (his was also much more severe).

I started looking at websites with pictures of children with incredibly flattened heads to the point where their eyes became misaligned and their forheads protruded and freaked myself out to the point of tears. Thoughts of “The Elephant Man” came to mind- and people asking Holden to take off his mask.. only.. he isn’t wearing a mask!

Of course, at Holden’s next pediatrician appointment I asked what I could do.. if it was bad enough to need a helmet, and she did her best to calm me down. She said it wasn’t bad at all and she’d seen so much worse, and just to ‘rotate his head’ while he was sleeping to make sure he wasn’t constantly on that spot since he couldn’t sit up on his own yet. I wasn’t sure what to believe, since some pediatricians just never suggest corrective helmets for children at all.. but I went with it, being that I like our pediatrician and value her opinion- and because I was pretty damn sure our insurance would never cover a $1600 corrective foam helmet for Holden… and because the thought of my kid wearing a helmet for however many weeks was absolutely horrifying to me.

For MONTHS, any time Holden was sleeping i’d move his head off of the flat spot. I’d creep into his room at night and move his head.. if I heard him stir i’d go back in to check and make sure he hadn’t rolled back onto it. It became a complete obsession. For good reason, but I think I really hyped it up in my mind. It was all I saw when I looked at him, I think at one point it was all I talked about. Who doesn’t want their kid to be ‘perfect’?

I noticed it getting better little by little, but still nowhere near what a ‘perfect round head’ should look like.. and then I stopped and thought
“Well.. i’ve never looked at an adult and thought ‘damn that guys head is flat!'” and i’m positive there are many adults out there with the same shape head as Holden (ahem.. Thomas), the same shape head I was completely freaking out about. I’m sure if I shaved my head, it wouldn’t be perfectly round.. ’cause I seriously don’t think my Mom was putting much thought into it.. she was probably too busy coiffing her huge curly 80’s do.

No, this didn’t stop the paranoia, and I still continued rotating his head in his sleep (it became an art.. how to turn a baby head without waking him) until he became mobile. If I had to do it all over again.. i’d have rotated his head sooner to make sure he didn’t wear a freaking flat spot into his skull in the first place (as creepy as it is, it’s literally like wearing an ass spot into your couch), and had the same thing happened- i’d be rotating the same way I did.

Is his head ‘perfect’ now? No. What is a perfect head anyways?

It’s definitely much better.. enough for me to not be stressing out over it anymore. It could just be that he has poofy hair to hide it, out of sight out of mind, right?

I still glance at it and am sad that I didn’t stop it before it started- maybe if I did my Dad wouldn’t be calling him (in different words) a “fat head.”

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If you know anyone..

Who needs help with substance abuse, and I mean serious help- the best thing you can do is refer them to drug rehab centers.
And not all are the best. I’ve heard of so many claiming miracle work, and when people are released they go right back to how they were.

Check out Promises Rehab Center, get your friends and loved ones the help they deserve.
Addiction runs rampant in my family, a few members of my family died far too young from overdosing on drugs. Don’t let it get that far with yours. It may not seem like your place to step in, but if you don’t- no one else might either.

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Just as I suspected

Holden woke up this morning with 3 HUGE red zits on his face.
Did I try to pop them? Yes.
Was I successful? Nope.

More to come later.

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Ohh neighbors

My next door neighbors were recently rear-ended in their mini-van and got their back bumper totally crumpled. They’ve been getting jerked around by the other family’s auto-insurance for a few weeks now- trying to say they might not pay and all those things crappy shady insurance companies do to get out of paying.

They got the run around from a few auto repair shops, it’s hard to find trustworthy ones these days. I should have told them about Collision Repair Experts. They have thousands of testimonials and feedback ratings so you know they aren’t going to do a crappy job on your car to save themselves money.

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Baby Pizza Face

I never realized until I gave birth that babies get acne worse than I ever remember getting it in my life (even during pregnancy). It may not be a huge breakout like you see on those Proactiv commercials, but I can’t recall a day in recent past where he doesn’t have some kind of zit somewhere on him- if not multiples.

It started out as what the doctors call “milk bubbles”

you can see it all around his eyes and on his chin in that photo, but I think it had to be the worst on his nose. They were just under the skin, and totally weird. I understand why they are called milk-bubbles.. because they’re white- but the term totally grosses me out. Makes me think they were full of pussy-milky nastiness, so I never poked at them in fear of dry-heaving.

As he got older and the milk bubbles faded away- the straight-up acne started popping up all over him- even his little (big) butt cheeks. I feel bad for him. There are some days he really looks like a teenager going through puberty, and there’s nothing I can do to get rid of them.. even though the urge to pop them is SO strong you wouldn’t even believe. Maybe it’s the masochist in me. I’ve tried to pop the super nasty ones before, Holden did not appreciate that in the slightest.

Look closely.. the zits are there, and they were (obviously) much worse in person. If Holden has a big-honkin’ zit, I usually avoid taking pictures of him. I know how embarrassing it is for me to go outside and greet the world pimple-first, and I have makeup to cover that nastiness up.. Holden doesn’t have that ability (though i’m sure he doesn’t care), and i’m sure as hell not putting makeup on him. It’s not that big of a deal, but I don’t really want people thinking I rub grease all over his face, or don’t ever bathe him.

I guess it doesn’t make sense to me. I didn’t think people got zits until puberty.. but then again, I thought zits stopped AFTER puberty- oh how wrong I was! Would certainly be nice though, right?

It may have something to do with how fast his hormones are.. growing? Do babies even have hormones?? I’m sure they do.. now i’m just confusing myself. Maybe he wouldn’t break out so badly if he didn’t feel the need to smear food all over his face at every chance, and not by accident either. He had a lasagna-mask at dinner tonight.
Adding insult to injury, he has what I think is eczema on his cheeks, arms and thighs.. so he’s always pretty bumpy. Thomas gets full blame for that (DAMN YOU!).

I keep thinking to the future, hoping he doesn’t break out so badly in highschool that he doesn’t want to leave the house. I must be pretty lucky, I never really had to deal with any of that. I have freckles, a.k.a permanent pimples, so I think I got a pardon due to that.
As cool as it would be to have Holden on TV giving a Proactiv testimonial about how well it worked for him- i’d rather him not have to go through the pain of having acne in the first place.

For now it’s just one of those things I roll my eyes at and say “another day, another zit on my baby’s face” or you can replace face with ass and it works the same.

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