Butt Paste- sounds weird, but is great!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. All opinions are 100% mine.

Both of my kids have both had harrowing experiences with BAD diaper rash. Holden’s by far the worst that i’ve ever seen, and probably ever heard of short of blisters.

When he was a little younger he got to the point where his rash was so bad, that it was cracking and bleeding- and NOTHING we used helped. Not your typical diaper rash cremes, not the herbal remedies that were suggested by friends, not even prescription creme from the doctor. It seemed like it was hopeless, and his poor little hiney would be bleeding forever.


Then a friend suggested Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, a product i’d never heard of before- but at that point I was basically willing to try anything to get him some relief.

Even the first time opening the container, I knew this product was different. It didn’t smell artificial or awful, it smelled nice, sort of like cinnamon. It was smooth and creamy to go on, and seemed to provide him with instant relief. Something nothing else we had used thus far was able to do. When you can find something that works for a child with VERY sensitive skin AND a diaper rash, you know you have a winner. I’d recommend this product to anyone searching for a diaper rash product that works.

And not only that- but I can tell you that Butt Paste is non-toxic as well.. since when Holden was much older, we found him EATING it in our bedroom. We instantly called poison control, as any parent would do- and the woman on the phone laughed at us. Butt Paste is NON toxic, no chance of hurting him whatsoever. Not that i’d recommend any child eating a diaper rash ointment, but it’s reassuring knowing we have a product in the house that won’t hurt either of our children in a situation like that.


You can visit their website right now by Boudreaux’s Butt Paste and get a free sample! Try it for yourself and see if you love it as much as we do.

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It’s about time they produce some half sizes

As detailed in many previous posts- I have always taken issues with the sizing of baby clothes. No matter the brand- they all have some flaw in them, and none of them are the same

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Totally wiped

I honestly have not been this exhausted since I gave birth to Parker. Literally, i’ve been moving nonstop from 8am yesterday until just now. No time for anything but planning decorating baking running around, presents.. hostessing. The whole nine yards. I feel like death!
So i’m sad to say, still no big birthday blog tonight. I PROMISE tomorrow to give the entire rundown with pictures and everything. Tonight I still have to attempt to clean up a little more (our house looks like a tornado hit it.. three times) and relax before I die from exhaustion

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No blog tonight

And when I say it, this time I actually mean it. We’re going through somewhat of a family crisis. If I can gather my thoughts enough, i’ll fill you all in tomorrow.

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Technical difficulties

It appears my laptop has decided to be a stupid whore and have error after error, not load any programs yet say it’s running at 89%- so unfortunately there will be no real blog tonight. And I have a lot to say, too.

Just a way to end a shitty ass day. Viral computer herpes. Stupid ass laptop.

Hopefully will be back up and running tomorrow.. or in the next hour or that thing might get thrown against a damn wall- but it’s not looking good.

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