Cord blood banking, and a free BellyBag!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CryoCell International. All opinions are 100% mine.

During my pregnancies, I kept hearing about the option to bank the boys umbilical cord blood. Unfortunately I didn’t educate myself incredibly well on it, but I always knew it would be a good thing to do. Cord blood is a huge step in stem-cell research (which I fully support). Banking your newborn’s cord blood can help fight against many diseases (God forbid your little one ever gets any). Cord blood is a lot like bone marrow, but a completely non-invasive process to get it.
If your child ever got a disease that needed a transplant, getting matching stem cells are incredibly difficult to get due to matching requirements. Banking your child’s cord blood means they would have those stem-cells immediately.
On top of that, your child’s stem cells have a 1 in 4 chance of matching a sibling, so it could help them as well.

Cryo-Cell is the leading private cord-blood bank. Since 1882, they have helped over 16,000 families worldwide preserve their newborn’s cord blood.

I know it’s hard to put aside money and decide what is important with how strapped we all are for cash these days, but banking cord blood is an amazing gift to give your family and your child.

It’s your baby’s life, so learn more about it now! If you request an information packet and consult with an advisor now, you’ll get a free BellyBag (they are pretty cool!)

Check out www.Cryo-Cell.com or www.Cryo-Cell.net to find out more now.

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Oh, Tabasco!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TABASCO® Original Red. All opinions are 100% mine.

Who doesn’t live spicing up every day foods with a little something spicy? I was never really a fan of spicy foods until recently, and while I still don’t like TOO much heat on my food, I do love something that kicks up the flavor just a notch without being overpowering.

TABASCO® Original Red does just that! It’s not about heat, it’s about what heat does for the flavor of your food. It’s the simple combination of salt, red pepper and vinegar and their special aging process that can bring out the best of your food with just the right kick. Most hot sauces add heat just for the sake of adding heat, Tabasco Original Red enhances your food.


Have you ever tried Tabasco on your pizza? Pizza is great just on its own, but adding Tabasco can make it a spicy burst of flavor perfect for the football season, and would make a perfect add on for your Game-Day Party Menu (check out the link for some simple ideas and recipes.)

Spicy flavorful food and football,don’t they go hand in hand? If you’ve never tried Tabasco Original Red on your pizza, I strongly suggest you check out their Pizza Perfected webpage with tons of recipes and ideas to try out for yourself.

Tabasco has been around since 1868, why not trust the sauce that is the most popular and been around for so long instead of some other hot sauce that will do nothing but burn your mouth up?

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Bright Beginnings

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

Bright Beginnings is an infant formula brand that is FDA regulated and comes in a variety of infant formulas to suit your baby’s needs. You may not have heard of it before today, but it’s something to consider! They offer nutritionally comparable formulas to the name brand ones you’re so used to hearing about for a price that won’t kill your wallet. You’ve read before on my blog about how there is no difference between name brand and store brand other than the price, and while I wouldn’t necessarily call Bright Beginnings “store brand”- you can definitely get it at that price.


You can buy on diapers.com right now and get great deals on Bright Beginnings formula. You can buy a case of premium infant formula (6 cans) for just 80 dollars, and get FREE 1-2 day shipping. That beats running out to the store at the last second and paying $25 for one can of name brand formula that will only last you  a few days.

If you’re not so sure about Bright Beginnings, check out the reviews on diapers.com and I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.


To find out more, check out Bright Beginnings on Facebook and see if they may be the right fit for your baby.

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Charter Moms

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

This isn’t the first blog i’ve written about Charter (the fourth largest cable operator in the United States). I’ve written a handful of blogs about them before, about their contests and all the great things they offer if you receive their services. It also doesn’t hurt that I am so incredibly unhappy with our cable service right now that I think a rock would give us more reliable service with better features for less money per month.

Charter right now is going above and beyond to interact with Moms and families to bring us the best and most entertaining programming.


You can tell them what your kids want to see, don’t want to see, what they find the most entertaining and what they don’t by joining the Charter Moms Facebook page. Charter wants to hear what you think, and wants to help make it a reality. By joining not only can you help make a difference, and get more of what your little ones want, but you’ll be the first to know about new services and programming.


For me and my boys, we’re pretty dissatisfied about what’s on TV for them (most Holden) these days. Too many repeats, too many shows he doesn’t watch, and it seems like the shows he watches (Special Agent Oso, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) we end up having to DVR and watching at a later time because they never come on when he watches (breakfast and right before lunch) or the shows disappear or move to a channel we don’t even receive. I’d love for that to change. Maybe joining the Charter Moms Facebook page might just help move things in the right direction… now if only we could get Charter around here!


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Make the switch to store brand!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.

The whole Similac formula recall debacle has always very much reminding me of the massive tylenol/motrin recall a few months ago. Everyone feels so secure using ‘name brand’.. and the name brands are the ONLY ones that ever get recalled!
I don’t have any plans on going back to name brand infant pain reliever after the two recalls in a row WHILE my kid was sick/teething and needed it and I couldn’t find any.. and with this Similac recall? It makes me glad Parker is 100% on whole milk these days. Which means no more formula. We never used Similac in our house but it’s still a very scary thing to hear about. It could happen to anyone.

I’ve written in probably seven previous blogs about the benefits of store brand formula, and how I think anyone about to give birth or with a baby who can tolerate a formula switch to switch to generic formula . I think with this recall, a lot of people will be much less likely to consider Similac, or maybe even name brands in general. Just seems to be an omen! And you’re really doing a good thing by switching. Since all formulas have to be FDA approved- you’re not taking a step down by using store brand.

If you compare the health benefits of Similac Advance to Parent’s Choice Advantage- you’ll find they are really one in the same. They both have prebiotics, vitamins and minerals, and DHA&ARA which are believed to help support brain and eye development.


Even better is how much money you will save by making the switch. Don’t believe me? Check out this article:



You will save nearly $10 a can by using Store brand instead of name brand formula. That adds up to a LOT of money in the course of a year.

Are you considering making the switch? If not.. you should!

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