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In Case of Emergency…

God forbid anyone reading this blog ever finds themselves in a situation where their home or business is on fire.
I’ve always felt that it’s better safe than sorry, especially when you have a family to protect, so taking the measurements to ensure your home is protected in case of emergency is incredibly important.

If you’re in the process of building your home or business, take a time out to think about fire-proofing the building.
For over 50 years, KBS has been one of the leaders in finding new and better ways to safeguard and protect buildings from fire. They can create a customized plan to help better manage your new home or building from exposure to fire. In fact, their entire motto is that it’s better to prevent a loss than to recover from one afterward- which is so incredibly true.

Take a few moments to peruse their products to help fireproof your new home or business. A few minutes is much less than months, or even years of trying to rebuild after losing everything in a fire.

With products than span from KBS Sealant, which is a joint filler and can be used internally and externally and can help protect against toxic gas, to KBS Industrial Coating, which can be brushed on to bundles of wires to delay the spread of fire and short-circuiting.. KBS has products to fit all of your needs when it comes to fireproofing.
Easy to use and effective, and so important.. take some time out to look through KBS‘ products.

You can’t ever plan for the unexpected.. but you can prepare for the worst and prevent total loss by fireproofing your home or business today with products from Kbs_logo


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Sometimes I think my kid is special

Special… as in.. ‘Do you think he’s been eating paint chips?’

I have no issues with admitting Holden is a weird little kid, but some of the things he does makes me raise an eyebrow and give thought to the fact that he may one day be the child who sits in the back of the classroom eating chalk and banging his head on his desk.

Could it be another one of my many irrational fears? Probably… but if you have kids, can you honestly tell me you haven’t wondered the same thing from time to time?

Take the way he ‘dances’ for instance. Imagine Stevie Wonder playing the piano, swaying his head back and forth.. Then imagine a 1 year old doing that with a huge dopey grin on his face. It’s cute, and it makes me smile, but in the back of my head i’m thinking he’s a few sandwiches short of a picnic basket.

Do all toddlers eat weird things? Sure. Holden goes out of his way to eat lint off the floor.. to eat styrofoam peanuts out of a shipping box. If you kill a fly and it falls to the ground- he makes a bee-line for it (see that? I made a funny!). You can’t give him a book.. or he’ll tear it apart… with his mouth.
He licks shopping carts.. he licks people, he licks the sliding glass door and laughs about it. He also bites everything.. HARD.

He laughs at commercials that are NOT meant to be funny. Maybe he just has a terrible sense of humor- but I don’t think I could give birth to an un-funny stick in the mud without there being something terribly wrong.

His first non-baby word was BUNGHOLE. That’s right.. bunghole..
and no one in this house uses insults from the 90s. No clue where he got it from, but I think the fact that he calls random strangers at Wal-Mart “bunghole” is pretty telling in itself.

Maybe my kid is just strange… goofy..
but if he can eat flies, lint, paper and other random inanimate objects- he could definitely eat paint chips and turn into a drooling Stevie-Wonder dancing weirdo.

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And now for the bad news

Yesterday I wrote about the perks of pregnancy.. but there is a dark side to the magical joy of growing your very own demon-spawn. I’m never one to gloss over the bad stuff, so let’s get right to it. Put your reading glasses on, because this is going to take a while.

“Battle Scars”
I’ll readily admit I got lucky when it comes to stretch marks. My stomach is basically in the free and clear (minus one ugly one on my bellybutton from a piercing-scar gone wrong). I’ve seen pictures that would make expecting-mothers scream in horror.
Almost no one is safe from getting them. You might think you’re doing good during your 6th month of pregnancy when one morning you wake up, look down, and your tummy looks like an over-stretched balloon. Ugly purple and red marks going in all directions.
Regardless of what the commercials say, Palmers Cocoa Butter DOES NOT WORK. it just doesn’t. It doesn’t stop that horrendous itching you’ll experience either.
I went to a store called “The Body Shoppe” and bought the most expensive cocoa butter I could find. In lotion form, in body wash form… in every form you can think of to ward off looking like a zebra. I oiled myself up like a Thanksgiving turkey..
Unfortunately, I missed my ass. I don’t know how.. i guess I was just so focused on the part of me that was obviously expanding the fastest that I didn’t even think twice on my poor rear end.
It now looks like a roadmap. Again, luckily.. mine are white and not pink or purple.. It just kind of looks like I laid in a tanning bed the wrong way, wrinkled up my skin and missed some (read: a lot) of spots. Whoops.
Also, for a few months after pumping, my boobs looked like starbursts. Ugly white stretchies all around the nips. Those were fun to look at.
Try telling the women who end up with terrible stretchies that they are just “battle scars”, then duck- because you’ll most likely get a swift kick to the head.

Braxton Hicks
or “just kidding, you’re not really in labor!”
Some women describe these ‘fake contractions’ as just uncomfortable.. but for me, from 6 months on they were pure hell. I had them just like regular contractions, constantly. Was put on medication to stop them that made my heart race, body shake, and caused migraines.. in and out of L&D.. Non-Stress Tests to make sure Holden was still ok.. etc etc
Basically, they suck. There’s no two ways about that.
And they make your stomach look like you have a tumor instead of a baby growing:

Braxton Hicks also made for quite a few false alarms towards the end of my pregnancy (those.. and accidentally peeing a little and assuming it was my water breaking).
I was never told what I was having were in fact BH, so when I went into REAL active labor, I was blindsided by the intense pain. BH are NOTHING in comparison to active labor.. I just wish i’d known that prior to being induced, would have saved me a total freakout in L&D.

Touched by a stranger
Get used to having your vagina stared at by strangers, ladies. I can not honestly count the number of hands that have poked and prodded my cervix during pregnancy. I consider myself pretty shy when it comes to being naked (I hate it, to be exact), so growing used to the nurses and doctors at my OBGYN was a huge feat for me.
Totally different story on all of my trips to L&D for monitoring.
Big fingers and short are by FAR the least fun of them all. A petite women shoving her hand as hard as she can into your snatch to try and check the progression of your cervix? Total hell.
I actually had a complete meltdown when my doctors thought I may have been in actual labor at 26 weeks and a random man at the hospital wanted to shove a strip in my cooch to see if I was leaking amniotic fluid. WASN’T HAPPENING. It’s one thing to have 100 different women sticking there fingers in there, some random (and extremely young) looking male doctor? No way in hell.
Once you’re IN labor.. well.. you stop caring who sees your vagina and what’s coming out of it. You just want the baby OUT and don’t care who has to see every bit of you in order to get it.

There’s no escaping the preggo-waddle. Your body just isn’t sure how to handle all the weight protruding from the front of your body.. so it makes you waddle like an emporer penguin.. or like you have a poop in your pants.
It’s the worst in the last trimester. People see the waddle and immediately tell you “Man you’re about ready to pop, you look so uncomfortable!”
DUH! the HUGE stomach didn’t give that away?

You’ll feel like a crazy old woman with alzheimers. Suddenly, you can’t remember what you did yesterday, what you were supposed to be doing now.. your age… maybe even your name. Pregnancy is like having a constant ‘brain-fart’.. and I have bad news for you.. I’m over a year post-partum and my brain still hasn’t fully recovered.

Fat Ass-ness
Get used to the idea of getting fat. It’s a given during pregnancy. You’re going to gain weight whether you like it or not (unless you are already over-weight, then you are lucky and might not gain any at ALL other than what’s growing and floating around inside of you due to baby). No matter how little or healthy you eat, the weight is coming. Your ass WILL get fat, your thighs WILL get big.. cellulite will start popping up in places you never dreamed of having it. Hell, even your face gets fat.
It’s easier said than done to just accept your new found fatty-status. I know I was completely horrified when I stepped on the scale at my OBGYN and was told i’d gained 10 pounds in 1 month (even more horrified when I was told to ‘stop eating so much’).. but your body is going to gain what it thinks it needs to gain in order to grow a healthy baby, so there’s not much you can do other than just embrace yourself as festively-plump and move on.

Sure, they look cute. You can’t wait to wear the flowy pretty clothes you see in all the ads at stores like Motherhood… but they’re much prettier on paper than in practice.
I had a hard time finding ANYTHING that fit, and preggo clothes? they’re expensive.
Finding pants was a thorn in my side. Nothing fit.. And those pants tummy panels were straight out of nightmares. U-G-L-Y.
Size 1 preggo-jeans? too big. It’s like they expect your legs to be built like a lumberjack. I was never even a size 1 BEFORE getting pregnant, the sizing just makes no sense at all.
They also expect you to have size G boobs.. so everything hung off in the boob area, and I wasn’t about to expose myself to random strangers (though i’m SO SURE they would have liked to see lactating tits staring them in the eye).
I ended up going to regular stores, and buying a large size. Luckily, empire waisted shirts are the ‘in’ thing to wear.
The preggo look is so in.

Morning Sickness
is a crock of shit. Honestly, it’s more like “all-day sickness.”
The first trimester is a permanent hangover after an all-night bender.

Pissing like a racehorse
Not only will you be peeing upwards of 25 times a day (and getting up 5 times during the night), but you’ll find your bladder weakening as your pregnancy progresses. To the point where if you sneeze, you pee. If you cough, you pee. if you laugh, you pee.
basically.. you’re peeing all.the.time
The worst.. is that you’ll feel like you have to pee SO BAD, rush to the bathroom, sit down… and only get a tiny little drop out. Talk about unsatisfying. It’s like after you’ve had a LONG night of drinking and you’ve ‘broken the seal’

Just call me Granny
being pregnant is like being old. Really, really old. Your joints hurt, your muscles hurt.. you’re tired and irritable all the time. I even started developing carpal tunnel in my third trimester (it’s gone now, thank God).
Consider yourself a night-owl? Kiss that goodbye. I found myself dozing off at 8pm every night without fail.
Try and stop yourself from calling people whipper-snappers though, then you may be too far gone.

After giving birth it doesn’t get much better… Your body is going to take a long time to recover.
You can look forward to:

National Geographic Boobs
Remember how I said you’d get porno-tits DURING pregnancy?
Mmmhmm, well, after you give birth (assuming you aren’t breastfeeding. if you are, this will happen later) kiss those bad-boys goodbye.
My boobs went from being perky and fabulous pre-pregnancy, to weird and lacking fullness post-pregnancy.
I honestly can’t imagine the trainwreck my chest would be if I had big boobs beforehand.
Wait.. I can, long, saggy and thin like two strips of bacon.

Birthing Hips
Your hips expand during pregnancy to widen your birth canal.. While they do get a tiny bit smaller after giving birth, they NEVER go back to normal.
I am having to face the reality of throwing my ‘skinny’ jeans away and accepting the fact that my hips will just never be small again.

Things I could list but left out:
bad skin, pissing in a cup, urine-labs, getting massive amounts of blood drawn, no more drinking or smoking (unless you’re a total moron), bad skin, frizzy unmanigable hair…

I feel like this blog is getting incredibly lengthy and may scare women out of EVER getting pregnant or freaking out those already knocked up so i’ll cut it short and say this:
Even after all that my body/brain has gone through.. After all is said and done.. i’d do it again no questions asked.
Not any time soon mind you… but someday.
All the bad just becomes a moot point because of the wonderful whiny bundle of joy that comes out of you in a big bloody goopy mess.
It’s worth it, I promise.

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Pregnancy Perks

Yes, growing a human-being in your rapidly expanding uterus is obviously pretty damn cool.. but let’s face it- i’m not good with the sugary sentimental crap, so let’s move right along to the less obvious perks of pregnancy

The boob-fairy never came for me. I was never blessed with big-boobies.. and I learned to love my small boobs (huge floppy tits never really were very appealing to me).
I didn’t even get the small boobs until late in my teenage years. Just like I was a late-bloomer in life, I was a late-bloomer in pregnancy.
When I FINALLY got pregnancy boobs, it was like Christmas morning. I went from a size B, to a C/D seemingly overnight. Not just big boobs, but big, full, perky boobs.. without the hurt on my pocket implants would cost.
They were every boob-challenged girls dream. I felt confident, and hell, even sexy. They of course were trumped by the huge belly that sat underneath of them.. but beggars can’t be choosers.
Sadly, I lost the huge porno-titties a few weeks after giving birth.. and am even smaller than I was before getting pregnant (double damn!) but they were fun while they lasted.
Now I know why women love having implants, big perky boobs are great!

Condomless Sex, yay!
Condoms are obviously a good thing, they protect against unwanted pregnancy and STDs.. but let’s keep it real- they feel like sandpaper rubbing your vagina raw. And lube does NOT work the way the commercials would like you to think.
If you’re already pregnant, the damage is done. You obviously can’t get pregnant AGAIN (and if you’re with a steady partner), so why not let loose and go bareback? We all know it feels about a million times better.
Go ahead and give your hoo-ha a break- assuming your significant other isn’t totally freaked out by preggo-sex.

Goodbye Tampons
Or pads, if you choose to use the bloody-diaper (eww). One of the things I was most excited about during pregnancy was that I would NOT have a period for 9 long months. No more period cramps (pregnancy cramps are another story), no more sticking cotton up my snatch to stop the week-long bleeding.. no more unexplained bloating (bloating is exciting during pregnancy because you actually think you’re shwoing when you’re not).
Trust me, it’s fantastic not to have your period. I certainly don’t enjoy having it back.

Playing the ‘Pregnancy Card’
As bitchy as it might seem, I definitely used being pregnant to my full advantage. Don’t want to get up and get a drink or snack? Play the pregnant card, if your husband isn’t a total twat- he’ll get up and get it for you. People will give you their seat if all seats are taken. Strangers go out of their way to make you comfortable or to get things for you. It’s pretty awesome. You feel like a queen. A fat swollen tired queen, but a queen nevertheless.

Solid excuse to be fat
Eating like a cow during pregnancy will come back to bite you in the ass after giving birth, but I won’t lie and say it isn’t fun to stuff your face while your pregnant and not have anyone bat an eyelash (well, except your OBGYN). Most people have heard the saying “eating for two” and take it at face value, so when you’re shovelling down your second serving of cheesecake- people smile and write it off to the fact that you’re pregnant and need the calories.
Gives a whole new meaning to being fat and happy.

Never-ending shopping
What women doesn’t love to shop? During pregnancy, the shopping-spree never ends. Whether it’s shopping for clothes to fit your fat ass (and the ones you buy at the beginning of pregnancy probably won’t fit towards the end, meaning MORE shopping), or shopping for baby.. there never seems to be a lack of the need to shop and spend ridiculous amounts of money.

No more birth control
It’s a no-brainer that you stop birth control when you’re knocked up. If you were taking it before and a sperm accidentally got through, well.. that sucks- but you won’t need it any more for obvious reasons.
No more remembering to take a pill, or sticking a new ring up into your freaking cooch.. no need for an implant under the skin on your arm (um, OUCH!), or to get a “tiny plastic insert” shoved up into your cervix, or even to stick a patch on your arm.
You will have to remember to take pre-natal vitamins.. which might just make you horribly nauseous, but… well… i’ll just keep this as a pro for now.

Being a bitch is a-ok
Some people might argue that it’s never ok to be a bitch… but c’mon, with all those extra hormones during pregnancy it’s hard NOT to want to snap at least twice a day and tear someone a new asshole. All you have to say? “Sorry, hormones!” and all is well in the world again.

Ain’t being pregnant grand?

Of course.. there are many awful uncomfortable disgusting things that come along with being pregnant, but i’ll save that for tomorrow’s post. Let’s all bask in the positive glory that is pregnancy right now.

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Child of the Corn

Sometimes I get the irrational fear that Holden is an evil baby. I don’t mean the “oh he’s so evil, he tears things off of my coffee table” type of evil.. but the straight out of a horror movie “I see dead people” type of evil.
I have had the tendency to freak myself out on multiple occasions… hell, i’m even scared of the dark- so I know my craziness is just simply that- craziness, but sometimes I can’t help but to take a step back and say “ok, Holden is totally freaking me out right now.”

It all started when he was a teeny-tiny baby and he did things that most people would consider normal, or cute newborn baby things- such as rolling his eyes back in his head, or creepily laughing in his sleep.
As he started getting more aware of his surroundings, i’d hear him wake up in his crib and start ‘talking’ as if there was someone in the room with him, or stare at blank space while I was changing him and jibber-jabber away.
One morning, Holden was in bed with me and his monitor was accidentally left on. Out of nowhere, I hear a woman’s voice say “hello?” very clearly through the monitor. My eyes popped open and I heard it again. I flew out of bed and switched the monitor back off and immediately jumped back into bed and snuggled up next to Holden. That’s enough to freak ANYONE out. Could his monitor have been picking up a phone frequency? Maybe.. but it had never happened before in all the months we’d been using the monitor, so my mind ran with it and ended up freaking me out for days. I make sure the monitor is off once he’s out of his crib now, that’s for sure.

That was only the beginning though.
He has a toy phone that says the number he’s pressing outloud. Numerous times he’s been playing with it and from across the room I hear him pressing “666” over and over again. Great, so I gave birth to the spawn of Satan! I don’t want to say anything negative about Thomas’ family.. but.. his mom considers herself a wiccan and told me upon first meeting me that my house is “spiritually clean”, i’m placing the blame there!
Then there’s the fact that Holden loves to change the channel on the TV to static channels.. immediately reminding me of the movie “Poltergeist.”
One night, I swear i’ll wake up to him with his hands on the TV (turned to a static channel) and he’ll look at me and say “they’re heeeeeeeeere”
If that day ever comes, i’ll be shitting my pants- you can count on that.
Last (but certainly not least), there have been many mornings where Holden comes into bed with me early to go back to sleep (because I am NOT getting up at 6am).. and i’ve dozed off only to wake to him staring at me. Blank faced.. just staring…
Normally, with Holden, if he wakes up before me he’ll lick my face, pull my hair or start climbing the walls. STARING AT ME? totally freaky. Don’t deny it, you’d be freaked out too.

It doesn’t help that 95% of scary movies these days involve some kind of posessed evil demon child.
Name me 5 movies that don’t include one of those that has come out in the past few years.

Think about it.. There’s Samara from ‘The Ring’, super creepy evil child that pops out of your tv to kill you and make your face all wonky in the process

Then you have creeping meowing Asian kid from ‘The Grudge’, who will pull you into the bathtub and drown your dumb ass (what’s with the Japanese movies and trying to freak you out with children? not cool.)

Who can forget Damian, Mommy-killer extraodinaire, son of Satan.. etc etc from ‘The Omen’?
(and I will never understand why people would name their child Damian knowing where the name came from, c’mon people, glutton for punishment much??)

Or creepy dead-twin girl from “Silent Hill”? You might argue she wasn’t really evil… but damn if she wasn’t scary!

I could keep listing movies and posting pictures for days.. but I think i’ve given myself enough fuel for nightmares tonight so I will stop while my underwear is pee-free.

I don’t know why children are so creepy in movies.. but they are, and they’ve caused me to occasionally get freaked out by my own crotch-fruit, so I am not a fan. Not a fan at all.

Just another example of how I am a huge puss… but i’ve always been one when it comes to scary movies and creepy kiddies. I’ve just never had one of my own to use as a reference.
Here’s to hoping Holden doesn’t grow older and one day tell me, “Mommy, I see dead people”.. sacrifice me to Satan… Or just take an axe to my head.

ETA: Scary movies have also made me glad that I had a boy instead of a girl.. because seriously, I can’t handle dolls. They literally scare me to death. Don’t ever watch ‘Demonic Toys’ or ‘Puppetmaster’, just save yourself the horror.

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