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The "ultimate man" gift

Thomas would probably disagree, but I think he’s nearly impossible to shop for. I never know what he wants- and anything he does express interest in is far beyond anything I could ever afford… and he’d never ask for it anyways.

If he were an avid hunter, I might consider the Nikon Black Friday Promo.
I know a lot of men LOVE to hunt, so if your husband is one of those men- this offer might be something you’d want to look into.

The sale has huge savings on all kinds of things hunting related. There’s a hunters package that contains ProStaff 3-9×40 Riflescope with BDC Reticle, ProStaff Laser Rangefinder, Silent Technology Rangefinder Case, Mastering a Long-range shot with BDC DVD and a $50 NikonProGear Gift Card.
All those come together in a package, saving you $144.90 on high quality hunting equipment.

There’s also savings on binoculars (all kinds of them) if your hubby needs high powered ones, $20 off to be exact.

It’s worth taking a look at if your boyfriend/husband/father likes to gear up and go out into the wilderness and shoot things!

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The wide spectrum of napping

It’s funny how much a child’s napping habits change within the course of one short year. Being that Holden is my first and only child, the drastic changes over such a short period of time have come as a huge surprise to me. Once I think i’ve got his schedule down pat, he ups and decides to do something completely different- forcing me to re-arrange everything around a nap. Not only his meals and things, but the way my day plays out as well.

From the time we brought Holden home from the hospital until he was a few months old- practically all he wanted to do was sleep. He’d sometimes wake up long enough to finish a bottle… although most of the time he’d fall asleep a few minutes into it. I longed for the days where he’d be awake for more than 15 minutes at a time so that I could play with him (as much as you CAN play with a newborn anyways). There was marathon nights of him screaming for 7 hours straight, but that was due to reflux that wasn’t being properly medicated(I blame our first evil pediatrician), so I would hope no one else had/has to deal with that as often as we did. Those nights don’t count.

The older he got- the longer his stretches of awake time became. It went from 15 minutes, to an hour, to two hours. Still napping after every bottle though. It was sort of refreshing to have him nap so often in the day- it gave me a mental break from the reflux cries. Trust me, when your kid has horrible reflux you NEED those breaks.

We finally got to a point where I thought we’d stay for longer than a month or two- three naps a day. One in the morning, one at noon, and one at around 5pm. Each nap varied from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. It was impossible to know how long he’d nap, or how easy he’d be to get DOWN for those naps. Holden and I ‘fought’ a lot over his naps- I always wanted him to be sleeping, and he never wanted to miss anything so he never wanted to sleep. I was so used to our schedule that I never wanted to change anything up.. not to mention the fact that he became a crotchety old man who hasn’t gotten his Metamucil when he didn’t get his 3 naps in. The last thing Thomas wanted to come home from work to was cranky mommy and cranky baby. Unfortunately for him- there were WAY too many days like that. Too many to count.

One morning I guess about a month ago, Holden woke up and decided he was no longer going to take a morning nap. I was too tired to fight him on it, but was SO happy when his afternoon nap rolled around and he was so exhausted that he passed out without a fight. He slept so long that I started worrying about lunch time and schedules.. and just couldn’t remove the stick from my ass enough to let him sleep, so I woke him up. Much to my dismay- when his 5pm nap rolled around, he wanted nothing to do with that one either. No matter how much I tried to force him into submission, it just wasn’t happening.
After a few days of fighting and lose the ‘battle of the naps’- I gave in and let him sleep for as long as he wanted to at his afternoon nap.. and no longer tried to force his 5pm nap on him. This made him much happier (even if it did push his lunch to around 3pm). Happy baby = happy mommy. The world can continue turning! Thomas doesn’t come home and have a child thrown at him (not not literally, duh)!

Holden and I do still have wars some days about how long his one nap is going to be. If he wakes up in under two hours- you better believe i’m going to pick his chubby butt up and work my Mommy magic to get him back to sleep. Those few hours he’s down might be long and boring and quiet- but they are MY long boring quiet hours and I want them, damnit. I get to do important things like… watch my soap… surf the internet.. doze off with my head back and mouth wide open. REALLY important stuff.

The only hoop to jump through now is getting Holden to nap while Thomas is home on the weekends (or holidays like right now). It just doesn’t happen, and I don’t know why. he just loves Daddy OH SO MUCH that Holden wants to be awake constantly when he’s home. As much as i’d like a break from nap-duty (Holden is not a child that just goes to sleep in the middle of playing, he also doesn’t nap in his crib but we won’t go into that), if I am not the one to put Holden down for a nap- it doesn’t happen. Thomas can’t even be in the ROOM. Psychic-Baby.. maybe?

Funny how you go from wishing your baby would wake up to play with you- to wishing your toddler would ‘JUST TAKE A NAP ALREADY!’

If you’re curious as to when Holden went to sleep last night? The answer is 1am. It was not a good night.

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Holidays with children: not for the weary

There are no words to describe how exhausted I am right now. I knew today was going to be rough- there was a chance Holden wouldn’t get his regular nap in but I never imagined it to be like this.
He napped for maybe 20 minutes on the 2 hour ride to North Carolina- had us chasing him ALL DAY, and then of course passed out on the way home for about an hour.. essentially ruining bed time. It’s now 10:30pm and he’s wide awake in his crib. He was supposed to be asleep by 9.

I’m not sure if he’s hungry… or wired.. He’s certainly acting tired but just won’t close his eyes.

Next year, we’ll probably be able to relax more because we won’t have to worry so much about him shoving every little thing in his mouth and choking. Thomas and I were both paranoid and ended up hovering over him all day long. Never had I imagined myself to be the ‘hovering’ type- it’s hard not to be when you have a kid who wants to eat everything regardless of what it is.

The funniest thing to watch was Holden’s obsession with his cousin (technically 2nd cousin.. maybe even third, I don’t know how all of that works) Monet. OBSESSED. He followed her around, tried to tackle her, stared at her. She’s a gorgeous 2 1/2 year old, so maybe he’s thinking “Hey, it’s legal to marry your second cousin in Virginia! Our kids won’t have two heads, let’s give it a shot!”

Here are our Thanksgiving pictures:

Oh, that’s right- I forgot to take any. Not a single one! I’m feeling like a ‘bad mommy’- already kicking myself in the ass for not documenting Thanksgiving like I do every other holiday. There was so much going on it honestly slipped my mind. We took a few pictures when we got home but it just isn’t the same. Oh well, no use crying over spilled milk.

I sort of consider myself an experienced mother at this point- but I had it easy the past holiday season. Holden was a lump. No running or needing to be chased after, it was pretty laid back. Hopefully the next will be much easier. It’s hard to make me like the holidays any less.. but I think somehow I do. Christmas is going to be hell on wheels.

10:39 and crying. Maybe we should have stayed home after all.

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Bah Humbug

Just call me the Grinch. I really don’t enjoy the holidays.

I like giving gifts to people, when I actually have money. Receiving gifts is okay too… but for the past few years it’s been things like matching performance fleece, a purse I would never use because it’s just ugly, or a target gift card that I end up spending on Holden. I suppose I should just think that ‘it’s the thought that counts’- but it’s hard not to get disappointed that you’re in adulthood and the holidays don’t seem to hold the same joy they used to.

Thanksgiving seems to be cursed for me. Every year I get violently ill. One year it actually landed me in the ER after vomiting 30+ times and having the ER doctor tell me I was going to die. He was joking… I didn’t see the humor.
I honestly think it’s germy little kids putting their sticky fingers in all of the food and passing it on to me. They puke under the table during dinner, I puke once I get home. FUN!!

Last Thanksgiving Holden was only 2 months old, so really he just sat around in his bouncy chair and stared off into space… or cried- it alternated between the two. Now that he’s walking and falling flat on his face at least 10 times a day I was worried about him getting trampled by his fast unruly cousins, so Thomas and I made the executive decision to go to my Pop pop’s for Thanksgiving. Trading out the chance of Holden getting trampled for a two hour car ride (both ways) that he’ll most likely scream the whole way through… might just turn out to be an even trade. Had to pick the lesser of two evils I guess. Once we actually get there he should be alright, lots of room to run around- not as many other small children, and my Pop pop seriously knows how to cook a turkey. I spent every Thanksgiving (and Christmas for that matter) there growing up, so it will be nice to go back. Holden doesn’t get to see my Mom’s side of the family that often and he really likes them.. so hopefully it will work out well. Or.. he could scream the whole time. One never knows how Holden will react.

I guess on the positive side- Thomas has a four day weekend, so that means I get help chasing Holden around the house for those days. Yay me! We’ll inevitably get on eachothers nerves though, it’s unavoidable. And Holden doesn’t nap when Thomas is home… ugh, nevermind- it might not be a positive after all.

We can’t put up a Christmas tree because a) the cats will eat it and then puke it back up all over the house and b) Holden will eat it and… well.. puke it back up all over the house. He’d most likely pull it down ontop of himself too. So no decorations here.
I like buying him things, but he could honestly care less. He’s not old enough to really get into the holiday spirit. I guess that’s fine- because i’m NOT looking forward to the days where he’s begging me to buy him a $600 game system because ‘moooooommm everyone else has one!’.. or some ridiculous toy that he plays with once and gets bored of and ends up playing with the box instead.

To top it all off, Thomas has to work Christmas-Eve day.. and that is when my family has decided to have their Christmas get-together. I honestly can’t imagine celebrating Christmas without Thomas. Moreso, I can’t imagine being the one to chase Holden around all day.. having to lug his crap by myself to my Dad’s house, and even more crap home (most likely bath toys, even though Holden has more than he’ll ever play with- i’m going to put my money on that’s what is filling up his stocking).. I am just not excited. I’m actually dreading it.

To really put the icing on the cake that is the beginning of the holiday season- I got a call from my bank earlier tonight saying there were fraudulant charges on my debit card. Awesome! Someone tried to use my card to buy $100 worth of money to play Texas Hold’em. They didn’t even use a semi-believable name to do so. “Mod Mod”, c’mon now- be a little more creative than that! Thank God my bank had just sent out new debit cards with different numbers.. and I had yet to activate mine, so I don’t have to wait to have a debit card to use. That’s pure LUCK right there.

If it doesn’t snow and ice, I might be a little happier. More than anything I hate snow. I hate cold. I hate wind. I think I hate weather in general. Just let it be sunny and 70 constantly.

Is spring here yet??

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The Osbournes Version 2.0

Never have I considered myself what people would call a ‘traditional parent.’ Hell, I probably do and say things that would make Mary Poppins roll over in her make-believe grave (everyone’s a critic!) Thomas and I have always done things our own way, taking bits and pieces of what we like from what we’ve seen others do and applying it to our parenting style. So far, it’s worked out really well (in our opinions, and those that know us personally anyways).

There’s one thing that I think a lot of people might take issue with and that would be cursing. I know personally a lot of parents who don’t curse at ALL around their children- as to stop them from repeating the naughty 4-letter words in embarrassing situations.
Thomas and I are not those parents. It’s not a lack of self-control, it’s that we see the whole ‘potty mouth’ situation differently than other people.

Do I want to be washing Holden’s mouth out with soap for years? Of course not… but to me- never cursing around your child is sort of like never letting them eat ANYTHING with sugar in it. Once they discover this wonderful, off limits treasure- they crave it so badly just because they can’t have it.. and end up sitting in the closet stuffing their faces with candy and looking like Augustus Gloop from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’

Does this mean i’m going to over saturate Holden with filthy-words? Of course not! What it means is that i’d rather have him know what a ‘bad word’ is, and that it isn’t appropriate to say- then accidentally one day hearing me say “Oh shit!”, and instantly slapping my hand over my mouth- and then having Holden repeating it over and over for the rest of the day because it’s something new and intriguing and naughty. Bart Simpson syndrome. ‘Mommy made a big deal over this word.. I don’t know what it means but now i’m going to say it ALL THE TIME!’

Trust me, I know plenty of parents vehemently disagree with my stance here- and i’m okay with that. I’m not raising your kid, so you have nothing to worry about. I might even be setting myself up for disaster but I really don’t think so.

It’s sort of like when kids color all over the walls because they know it’s a no-no. It’s all about teaching right from wrong, good from bad, and instilling that in them at an early age. I never colored on the walls, because I knew it was wrong.. and because I just had no interest in it. I had paper, what do I need a wall for? That, and I didn’t want to get my bare ass spanked.

I remember watching the show “The Osbournes” and thinking.. how cool that their kids can speak openly and freely with them. While you may not think they’re the perfect example of parents given the family’s drug history (which I think has a lot more to do with fame than parenting)- it’s still a good example of a tight knit, open family.. which is exactly what I want.

They’re words, and the more value you GIVE them (ie; freaking out when you accidentally say fuck infront of your 2 year old)- the more they’re going to have. Treat them like any other word, and they lose value and become uninteresting.

Now, before the more conservative moms go into a total fit- let me clarify that I am NOT going to be teaching Holden curse words. That would just be ridiculous. It’s never fun to have your two year old walking around dropping F-bombs all over the place (although.. i’m pretty sure the first few times I will have to laugh)- but if I happen to go on a 4-letter word spree in front of him.. I definitely won’t be freaking out because of the ‘influence’ it might have on him.

I’m all about choosing my battles. Curse words? Meh. I’m more concerned that he’ll be pissing in his closet, or swinging the cats around by their tails.

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