About Me

Jenny Schoberl is a professional musician, turned stay-at-home mom, hailing from Southeastern Virginia where she resides with her husband and crazy children. She spends most of her days chugging coffee and trying to keep up with two young sons. In order to keep some semblance of her adult-brain working, she began writing the popular Mommy Blog “Holdin’ Holden” in 2008. Whenever she gets a spare moment, Jenny enjoys entertaining her ever-growing Facebook Fan Page with over 91,000 followers who have dubbed her the “Howard Stern of Mommy Blogging” by regaling them with funny anecdotes from her day and hoping to write things to embarrass her children when they are old enough to bring home dates. She also maintains an active presence on Twitter with over 25,000 followers.
In her nine years navigating the blogging world, Jenny has built a strong connection with a network of other bloggers, and frequently writes guest posts on their websites which brings new readers to her every day.
Her strong views on parenthood, and hilarious observations as a mother has earned her a place on the popular parenting website “Circle of Moms” list for “The Top 10 Funniest Moms of 2013” and on Parent Society, another popular parenting website, list for “The Top 10 Funniest Moms on the Internet.” Jenny’s internet popularity has made her a returning guest on the news stations in her local area, as well as wherever she travels for appearances.


In 2016, Jenny released “Kids Are Turds”- a hilarious book full of brutally honest tales from the bowels of parenthood, which you can grab in bookstores or on Amazon now!