What to Watch on Netflix in 2018!

My Netflix assignment this month is to share with you the upcoming Netflix series and shows that I’m excited for in 2018… but that’s kind of impossible, because I’ve been loving everything. There’s so much amazing content on Netflix right now, and on the horizon, that I can’t choose. That’s honestly not a bad problem to have.

If you’re anything like me, and you’ve watched basically everything there is to offer- OR- if you’re just looking for some recommendations of what to watch this coming year, for you AND the kids, I’ve got you covered.


My FIRST suggestion (for the adults) is one that is kind of going against the “rules”- because it’s already streaming, but I have to share it:

An adorable British romantic comedy series that I used to watch years ago when it went by the weird, yet endearing name “SCROTAL RECALL”. I thought they hadn’t made another season even though they left me in the lurch with the finale of season 1, but it turns out they just changed the name on me, and there are TWO more seasons to watch. SO GO WATCH THEM.

After you’re done with that, and if you’ve already binged the hell out of Black Mirror and are haaaaaaaaaaaating that you didn’t savor the episodes because now you have to wait another year or so for more, there may be something to tide you over.


Described as “a fast-paced cyberpunk series where death isn’t permanent and human consciousness can be digitized and downloaded from body to body”- it looks like one episode of Black Mirror in series form, and I’m totally down. Altered Carbon begins streaming on February 2nd



COMING SOON- but I’m not sure when-

No, I don’t have a date. Don’t come at me and try to kill, stuff me in a freezer, and save me for snacks over it, okay?
I need to know– is there a cure?? Is she going to fall (literally) completely apart??


I hope you’re not tired of reboots, because 2018 brings a reboot of the 1960’s classic- LOST IN SPACE!
Danger Will Robinson!


One I’m really excited to dig into is a new series called “EVERYTHING SUCKS!” —
“The standard coming-of-age story is turned on its head with a set of dueling A/V and drama clubs set in 1990s Oregon” – which sounds absolutely hysterical. That begins streaming February 16th!
Check out the trailer:

Dear god, my childhood.


Is that all? Absolutely not- but there is only so much time in the day– and we still have to cover stuff for the kiddies! And I guess us adults, too, since we have to sit through most of this with them.

Some NON-cringeworthy recommendations (actually I’m pretty excited about a few of these):


My kids have read the books, but are still super pumped to see what happens to the Boudelaire orphans in this second season! Neil Patrick Harris returns as a delightfully, horribly evil Count Olaf.







Season 2 starts streaming on March 30th!


Heck yes there’s a Trolls series.
Trolls: The Beat Goes On! picks up right where the hit movie left off, and follows the adventures of Poppy, Branch and all their Troll friends.”
I’ll be honest- I didn’t want to like Trolls, but I couldn’t help myself. Me and the boys even had a Trolls crafting afternoon, courtesy of DreamWorks animation, to celebrate! All episodes are streaming now!


So, tell me- what are YOU excited to watch on Netflix in 2018? What should I watch??




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