Next time Someone tells you that you Don’t do Anything all day

Upon realizing I have not seen any of my friends in a ridiculously long, unacceptable amount of time, I’ve been trying to rectify it. It’s not only tough because we all now have children of different ages, but due to work schedules and other such things.

When it comes down to it, though, I have never really considered myself that busy of a person. I’m a stay at home mom who works for myself- so I don’t have a work schedule– I do have things I need to get done as far as blogging, and writing, and maintaining my social media accounts– but many of those can be done on mobile, or postponed at least for a little while. I’m basically free all the time.

When it came down to actually make the plans, to find the days we have free at the same time, we hit a wall. And not just because she works a lot– but because of me. Yes, the me with no life because I’m a stay at home mom/homebody who has nothing better to do.

She offered up Wednesday, and I said- sure! Wednesday is free…

In between the hours of 11am and 2pm because before 2pm I have to

Get the kids ready for school
Take them to school
Come home and work out
Get myself presentable

By then maybe I’d have an hour or two to hang out with a friend.

After then, I have to
Run and grab the kids from school
Bring them home and get them started on homework and help them if they need to
Help them get snacks if they need assistance
Figure out what to make for dinner and begin preparations
Do more shit around the house

In between all of that, whenever I have the time to sit down, I have to
Take care of the animals
Toss in a load or two of laundry
Feed myself
Whatever work I’ve been putting off I should probably squeeze in here at some point

Those golden two hours are nothing to sneeze at. That’s 120 minutes of complete free time to work with. Only it wasn’t. Because I forgot the day was a half day of school, and that meant I had to toss up everything I already had to do into the air to pick up the kids at 11:30 which meant the golden hours were gone, and now if my friend wanted to spend time together, it had to be with kids in tow, and my brain was exhausted just thinking about it and I thought to myself- holy shit. I really am busy.

I may not be out running errands all over town every day, or running from job to job. My kids don’t participate in sports (yet), and I don’t babysit nor do I run a carpool- but damn if I don’t have trouble finding free time.

I’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re a mom, you’re busy. Even if people think you don’t do anything all day. Even if you don’t think you really do anything all day- you’re CONSTANTLY DOING SOMETHING. Not just for yourself but for someone else. You’re keeping the ship afloat.

Should you, at times, say ‘screw responsibility’ and make time for your friends? Absolutely. Get a sitter, or ask your significant other to stay home with the kids, but definitely. Just never let anyone tell you that you never do anything. You should probably be doing something else right now. But you’re here, reading this, taking a break. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again– you deserve it!

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