Cut Yourself some Christmas Slack

It’s totally natural to want Christmas to be perfect- especially when you have kids. But sometimes we want it to be special, and perfect, and magical, so badly that we run ourselves into the ground. We run around for weeks, maybe even months, tending to every little detail at all hours of the day and night, and make what should be a merry time of year a miserable time of year. We rack ourselves with stress, guilt, and worry.

I can’t do it anymore. And I don’t want to. I want to enjoy it at least half as much as my children, and that means cutting back, and in doing so, cutting myself some slack.


Every year I tell myself these things. This year, I’m determined to listen.


STOP rearranging the ornaments. Literally no one cares about the placement being perfect except you.

You don’t HAVE to bake the cookies from scratch. Santa doesn’t give a shit if they’re homemade.

Watching UPS tracking will not make the packages arrive any faster.

The presents don’t have to be wrapped perfectly. You could toss the crap in bags and the kids would still be just as grateful.

Naughty or nice, the kids don’t need everything on their lists. They really don’t. They’ll only even play with half of it and the rest will sit collecting dust, so you CAN just pick a few things.

If their hair or clothes get messed up before photos with Santa, it will be alright. Down the line, you’ll even laugh about it.

Traditions are still traditions even if they get “messed up” or missed for a year. AND HELLO? You can always make new ones!

If you burn the turkey, or the brownies, or the pies, or all of it, it’s truly not the end of the world.

If you’re feeling unappreciated, appreciate yourself. You’re awesome. Buy yourself a gift. Merry f’ing Christmas to you from you.


Sit down. Just SIT DOWN. Drink some frothy egg juice or peppermint hot chocolate- whatever tickles your pickle- take a deep breath (not of the liquid, that would be very bad) and relax. You deserve to enjoy this, too. And the less stabby you are, the happier the rest of your family will be- which is a win all around if you ask me.

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