What you REALLY need to make Holiday (or ANY) Travel Bearable

I remember a time in the not-too-distant past where my family had just gotten off of our very first cruise and were starting the first leg of our journey home. We take road trips quite often, so this was nothing out of the ordinary. We got all packed in, the kids set up with their books and coloring things, and that’s when we realized we’d already watched all of the movies we’d brought with us for the portable DVD player.


The kids would just have to rely on their books and toys, then. No biggie.


About two hours in to our ride home, I heard a familiar moan from the back seat. I couldn’t place it at first. I turned around and my then whatever-year-old (remember, this is the past) had turned a lovely shade of puke-green. He’d never gotten car sick in his whole life. It was too late to pull over, and we were completely unprepared. The only thing we could do was empty out a lunchbox full of snacks and just…. yeah… we let it happen. We also threw that lunchbox away in the parking lot of a roadside burger joint never to be seen again.

We have this awful habit of getting stomach viruses on the way home from trips (it’s one of the reasons we STOPPED flying)- but once he felt better and we were back in the car, he was completely fine until he picked up his books again. That’s when it hit me. The moan was the moan of “book related car-sickness”. I know it well because I have the same issue. I can’t read in a moving car. Which sucks because I love books. Which sucks because he loves books. Which really sucked because that’s all he had to do.

It wasn’t a fun trip home.

I thought to myself many times on those many silent hours “you know what would really help? If Netflix were frickin’ portable”

And as though the powers that be were listening to me–it is now! Woulda been great back then, but definitely better late than never, because guess who’s never yacked into a lunchbox on a car trip again?

This holiday season, I know many of you will be doing lots of travelling and trying to keep the kids happy and occupied. Or at the very least occupied. 23% of parents in the US say their number one concern on trips is keeping their kids entertained- you are NOT alone. So, along with the snacks, barf bags, coloring books, and motion sickness pills (look, I’m not saying you’ll need them, I’m just saying it’s better safe than having to toss the ol’ barf bag into a dumpster on the side of the road)- check out the ‘Available for Download’ menu on the Netflix app on your mobile or tablet device and browse all of the titles available to take with you whenever and wherever you want.

ARM YOURSELVES! Make someone of every age happy by stocking up on their favorites before the long car rides to the in-laws (or wherever it is the holidays may take you). And they don’t even have to wait for Christmas for this wonderful gift of Netflix. You just have to remember along with the mashed potatoes and presents to do it!


Here are a few suggestions for a few age groups, in case you need some inspiration!

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