Disney Stroller Rentals- Are Your Kids “Too Old”?

“Aren’t the boys too old for strollers?”

This was the first question my husband asked while I was tossing around the idea of renting a stroller, like we always do, for our Disney World vacation this year.

In any normal circumstance, the answer is ABSOLUTELY DEFINITELY. They are both 100% able bodied, and at almost 10 and 8 years old, hearing them whine about how their legs hurt after fifteen minutes of walking or less grates on my nerves more than anything else because I know that, well… I know that they’re full of crap. Crocodile tears. They can handle fifteen minutes of walking. They can handle a couple of HOURS of walking, but Disney World isn’t a couple of minutes of walking, or a couple of hours of walking. It’s walking all day long every day. It’s hours and hours of wading through crowds in the heat.

So while during the day to day they are way too old to be plopping in strollers, at Disney World, I thought it was an absolute necessity.

And I was right.

Like every other year we’ve traveled to Disney World, we secured a stroller with the amazing Orlando Stroller

our chariot awaits!

Rentals. Usually we grab a double, but we thought, the kids ARE older, and more importantly heavier, so they can take turns in a higher capacity rental stroller. They have a really great selection of different styles of stroller to choose from depending on your needs/children’s weights. No pickup necessary, the stroller of our choice gets delivered directly to our resort and picked up when we’re done. And we’ve learned- ALWAYS GO WITH THE RAIN COVER. Just like there’s no guaranteeing how long your kids will last walking in the FL sun, there’s no guaranteeing that FL sun will even show up.

I don’t often like to pat myself on the back, but I’m patting myself on the back for ignoring the “kids are too old” judgment and reserving a rental stroller anyway.

Not only was it a great place for EITHER kid to rest when their legs decided “not to work” (insert eye roll here), but it was an awesome place for our youngest to hide from the rain while only three of us trudged through puddles and the few crazy downpours. Even when neither of them were riding in it (which actually happened more often than I thought it would, they’re growing up!) we used the seat as a place to rest our bookbag so no one had to carry it, and the undercarriage was an amazing place to store purchases to protect them from rain, and so we didn’t have to lug them around on us, or add weight to our bookbag.

look who’s NOT complaining about tired legs


Even better- they handle so much better than the strollers you rent from the parks. So easy that your older child (if you have one) can push it around FOR you. WINNING.

I really am going to be sad when both of my kids become too heavy for us to rent a stroller from Orlando Stroller Rentals, for ALL of the reasons listed above. It’s just so convenient and helpful! I honestly can’t recommend enough, if you are planning a trip to Disney World (or a theme park in Orlando) checking out what Orlando Stroller Rentals has to offer. See what works for you, they have a bunch to choose from! And then relax. The tired legs and rainy days and heavy souvenirs won’t be anything to worry about!

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