V-A-C-A T-I-O-N! How to Follow along with my Disney Adventure!

Hi all! Currently sitting in a hotel room in Savannah Georgia, a little over halfway to the first destination of my family’s vacation to Disney World. I’m going insane,d my back hurts, my uterus hurts (yeah, uterus has a sense of humor and decided to explode the day we left for this trip) but I’m EXCITED because I LOVE adventures! We’ll be spending 5 days at the Walt Disney World Resort, and 5 days on a Disney Cruise in celebration of my 10 year wedding anniversary (albeit a bit late) and my kids’ 8th & 10th birthdays (albeit a bit early).

This means I won’t be able to post new content here on the blog for the next 11-ish days, but I will be LIVE blogging this entire adventure on my social media accounts, and I’d love to have you there to share the experience with you!

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Hope to see y’all there!

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