How to Convince Your Fam to Watch ANYTHING you want on Netflix!

It’s officially the end of the summer. The kids are bored with basically everything. All of their toys. All of their coloring and painting utensils. Each other. Me. It’s too damn humid to play outside, and we’re all losing our ever-loving minds.

This is the train of logic we seem to go through every day and end up at the same place. Me giving in, and the kids winning out and getting what they want. Call me weak. Call my kids manipulative. I disagree with both. I call me exhausted, and my kids smart. But honestly, everyone kinda wins when you follow the correct path to “fine, let’s watch Netflix.”


Is there anything to play with in the house that interest you?


Is there anything I can send you to clean so you stop complaining about being bored?


Is it a proper temperature outside for me to boot you out the door?




Don’t go thinking I haven’t employed this tactic on my children in retribution. I can learn from them just as well as they can learn from me. They come to me asking to watch TV when it isn’t their “TV time” (yeah, we have scheduled TV time for them. There’s only so many kiddie cartoons I can watch, y’all.)

Is it YOUR tv time?


Have you played with literally everything else you own and are positive there’s nothing left to do?


Is the temperature outside unbearable?


Okay, have you done the extra chore to earn TV time when it isn’t your TV time?


But it’s still not YOUR TV time?


Okay! Stranger Things it is!


I don’t know why it’s so difficult to get my kids to watch Stranger Things with me. They LOVE Science Fiction. They LOVE spoopy stuff. They LOVE music from the 80’s. I swear they just don’t want to sit down and watch it with me because I want them to, so this is what I gotta do.

What show do YOU use (or do your kids use) mental gymnastics to get someone to watch something on Netflix with you? And more importantly… DOES IT WORK?


In case you need some tips on how to successfully mental gymnastics someone into watching what you want on Netflix, here ya go:


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  • Ugh, I get so frustrated with Evelynn. Literally thousands of shows to pick from, and she always goes to the same few. I’ve made it a role now during tv time, new episodes only.