5 Netflix Originals Moms NEED to Watch This Summer

There are shows I watch with my whole family, shows I watch with the kids, shows I watch with my husband, and shows I keep aaaaaaaaaaaall for myself. It might sound greedy, but as a mom with not a lot of alone time, I have to keep SOMETHING for myself, right? It’s my tiny bit of “me” time this summer. I sit down, send the kids away for a bit, turn on Netflix, and sink my teeth in– and while I’d love to keep my “me” shows to myself, I want to share the best of the best for all the moms out there needing their OWN show to love this summer!

Kick the kids out, send the husband away, sit down, and enjoy these juicy Netflix picks all to yourself!



Welcome to the GLAMOROUS LADIES OF WRESTLING. I absolutely love Alison Brie and she kills it in this show. It’s loud, it’s abrasive, it’s colorful- it’s the 80’s. Alison plays Ruth Wilder, an actress in Hollywood down on her luck because literally no. one. will. cast. her. Until… shes given the opportunity to try out for GLOW- the first women’s wrestling show on television. More intense than the wrestling (and the workout clothes) is the tension in the room once her best friend becomes the star, and she hasn’t exactly been the best friend in return. All of the characters and relationships are so well fleshed out. You’re going to love it!





I cringed so hard all the way through this series watching Naomi Watts as Jean, a therapist, twist her life up into a web of what might be an unsolvable mess, but I couldn’t look away. Is she trying to help her patients get better by getting a deeper understanding of them by interjecting herself in their lives, or is the manipulating them for her own selfish purposes? I have my own thoughts, but I’d love to know yours!






It’s awkward, it’s uncomfortable, it’s raw- it’s everything every relationship is. A bored married couple. A young couple trying to have a baby. A girl lying about who she is to try to fit in better with her new girlfriend. And they’re all connected. Not to mention, this ode to real relationships is packed with stars (UM, HELLO DAVE FRANCO, MALIN ACKERMAN & ORLANDO BLOOM!)







In a small Australian town, the dead start crawling out of graves. It’s like something out of an old-school zombie flick, only… these people aren’t zombies. One just so happens to be the wife of a local police officer, who enlists the help of the town doctor to find out why these people are back. Their struggles to figure out who they are, why they died, and what to do now, and the mysterious reason for their return makes a captivating watch!






Friends From College

This is a show I just started (it just started streaming TODAY!), but I can already tell it’s going to be my next “just for me” binge! Starring Keegan Michael Key, Fred Savage, Coby Smulders, and a TON more, it follows a group of friends from college as they live their adult lives, some more successfully than others. Some more… honest than others.






Add these to your summer watch-list ASAP and then tell me in the comments, what are you watching right now?

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  • Becky Johnson July 14, 2017 at 7:51 pm

    Right now on Netflix I am watching “13 Reasons Why”. Yes, one girl kills herself but if you can pay attention long enough you find out exactly what happened and why. I can’t say more without giving something away and I hate spoiler alerts.

  • As soon as I saw the GLOW picture I said to myself “Rachel, stop what you’re doing and read this right now!” I’ll give a loud “AMEN!” to that recommendation.

    I’m excited to watch Friend from College. Keegan Michael Key is my favorite.

  • I have watched GLOW and it was pretty good, I am gonna try Friends from College next.