How I Unwind the Kids During Summertime

At the end of a long day, popping on the TV is a really great way to relax, for both me and the kids. Sit down, put on some Netflix, and just let the day melt away.

I’ve also used it as a reward system for when the kids do extra chores, and as a way to get them to vacate the frickin’ room.

“Sorry kids, this isn’t appropriate, go play with your toys”

Yes, it actually works. It’s a miracle worker.

Now, with the school year over, Netflix has a new way of keeping the people in this house sane: Decompression.

There’s no summer school here, and no summer camp they’re interested in to send them to, so my boys — who honestly don’t really get along — spend most of their time with one another. We all know that spending that much time with anyone is likely to make you nuts, and make them the most annoying person in the world, even if you love them and typically enjoy their company. Think about that, and then imagine siblings, who even on a good day, can’t stand each other, being stuck together. At least when school is in session, they get enough time apart to at least make each other tolerable, but summers are very trying, especially this year when their sibling rivalry has been at an all-time high.

It’s only the beginning of summer, but I’ve found that the best way to get my kids to decompress from fighting all day long, if all the chores have been done (because I have absolutely been known to send them to clean if they don’t quit arguing over nonsense), is to divide and conquer. Typically, I don’t let either of them in my room without an adult, but the only two TVs in the house are in the living room, and my bedroom, so when they just need some alone time (don’t we all?) I’ll send one up to the bedroom to watch something they love and everyone else can’t stand.

Of course, I should have known, Parker started watching movies we all wanted to watch together (Secret Life of Pets & Trolls, to name a few) but it’s a small price to pay for relaxed minds, kids that get along, and days that don’t end in screaming matches. I’ll take it!

New on Netflix this summer!

GLOW                                                   JUNE 23

GYPSY                                                   JUNE 30

OKJA                                          JUNE 28

DAWN OF THE CROODS        SEASON 4                           JULY 7

DEGRASSI: NEXT CLASS   SEASON 4                           JULY 7

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