Celebrating life’s little Victories

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We did it! We survived two weeks of summer break! Sure, we had some ups and downs (downs being the stomach flu ravaging our household), but we did it!

Life is too short not to celebrate the mundane, small victories in life, so we decided to do something outside of our comfort zone, and grill out to commemorate this moment! Because what says CELEBRATE like food cooked on the grill?

We aren’t avid grillers, or experienced, or even great, but that’s also what made this occasion even more fun.

We ran to Wal-Mart and grabbed our favorite (and also easiest to use) charcoal- Kingsford® Match Light® Instant Light Charcoal, some supplies for kebabs, and ran home to get started.

Check out our piddly little grill that gets the job DONE!

We lit the charcoal and let the kids help put everything together (which, surprisingly, wasn’t at all frustrating like cooking with kids usually is), creating their own kebabs (and stealing most of the good stuff).

All the prep, and the flipping of the kebabs, and high-fives for making it this far were all making memories, even when there’s no real occasion other than to do it, and honestly, I can’t recommend it enough! You don’t need a huge life event to celebrate, just celebrate everything!

It was the most fun meal we’ve had in a long time, and I get the feeling our tiny little grill will be getting a lot of use this summer celebrating anything, or nothing at all.

What are you celebrating this summer?

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Get to celebrating! (and grilling– try a honey teriyaki marinade over shrimp & veggie kebabs, drool-worthy and simple!)

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