17 of the Most REAL, Honest, & HILARIOUS Parenting Memes on the Internet

When I sat down to write both my first book, and Kids Are Turds, what I wanted to do was to be so honest, so real, that the parents reading would sit back and say to themselves “Holy shit! That’s me!”
In fact, I wanted them to relate to it SO HARD that they then sat forward and said “Is this bitch watching me from outside my window?”
THAT is the level of real-ness I aim for, not just in writing, but in the memes I choose to share with all of you.

It’s not that we’re not ALWAYS real here, but we’re getting real with the parenting memes. Here are the most honest, “OMG THAT’S ME” memes on the internet right now. Enjoy!


More our speed










100% accurate














No shame here.






Who else needs one of these?




















We’d all be filthy stinkin’ rich













We’ve all got a little Britney in us
















Stop trying to make “fetch” happen.












Just don’t think we can relate.





















Oh, it’s the PERFECT response













Told ya sooooooo!












I can make ANYTHING sound threatening










Wait…. yeah…. don’t see a damn soul




















































My ears are ringing just thinking about it


























Hiding in plain site… and pretty throw pillows










Me to a T

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