Do you miss binging the TV Guide Channel instead of your fave shows? I DON’T!

Remember the good ol’ days when you sat in front of the television, station tuned to the TV Guide channel, just waiting for something interesting to scroll by? And if you missed it, you had to wait another 10 minutes for it to scroll by again? TV viewing dictated by a set schedule. No DVR. If you missed it, you missed it. Maybe one day you could catch it on re-run if you forgot to set your VCR to tape it. The good cartoons only came on on Saturday morning, and TGIF had the best shows, so if you went out on Friday nights, forget about your favorite shows!

Sure, we made it work, but it was constricting, and annoying, and there was just no way around it.

MY HOW THE TIMES HAVE CHANGED. I kinda feel like we’re spoiled. When we wanted to watch something before, we had to be DEDICATED. We had to WORK for it. We APPRECIATED it.

But… I’d be lying if I said I didn’t appreciate the freedom to watch what I want, when I want. No more Saturday morning cartoons at the ass-crack of dawn, I can sleep in (YES I WATCH CARTOONS DON’T JUDGE). If the best television comes on on a Friday night, I don’t have to stress about missing it if I have other plans. If I missed something, or didn’t realize I’d even LIKE a show until it was either off the air or 3 seasons in, I can catch up at my own pace. I may not be able to avoid spoilers, but I don’t have to just accept that I’ll never understand what’s going on because I’ll never see the first season.


How have your TV viewing schedules changed?

I use my mornings to watch primetime shows on Netflix while I get things done line (like writing this blog!), when my kids come home, they watch a few cartoons (They love the Peabody & Mr. Sherman show and Trollhunters), after dinner sometimes we watch family oriented shows like Fuller House, and if I have the time on the weekends, I love binging Netflix original series like “Love” and “Master of None” once the kids go to bed.

Oh, that reminds me, I still have to catch up on Kimmy Schmidt & Sense 8. THERE’S TOO MUCH! I’d never, ever be able to watch it all if I couldn’t watch it on my own time.

What’s your schedule like? When do you sneak in a good binge session, or catch up on your missed primetime faves?

Let me know in the comments!



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