11 Parenting Memes That Will Keep you Laughing for DAYS

Why is the end of the school year the LONGEST? Not like we’re all looking forward to our kids being out for 8+ weeks constantly nagging at us, but long, dragging days aren’t exactly fun. I take the laughs where I can get them, whether it be at my own expense, or, yep, even at my kids’.

Take a break from the day and laugh at this shit with me! Take solace in memes!
Brace yourself…


Years of my life




They’re besties


100% accurate


The trash goes out more than I do


I will end you


Instant #1 Best-seller.


I don’t want to say I told you so, but…. actually yes I do! HA


Me to a T. I really need to wax.


The masters of starting shit

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