InvadR- Busch Gardens’ NEW and FIRST Wooden Coaster! With my POV Ride Footage!

Like many people, when I hear the two words “Wooden Coaster” I think, OH NO. I typically avoid them like the plague, they’re just too rough for the ol’ neck & back these days, but Busch Gardens’ new wooden coaster InvadR, nestled in the wooded forest of New France, is unlike any of the rickety wooden coasters that I’ve been on before.

As a wood/steel hybrid coaster, one of the things I was the most excited for was the smooth ride it promised. Well, that, and the 74-foot drop, 9 airtime hills, two tunnels, and speeds reaching nearly 50 miles per hour. Excited enough to drag myself out of bed at 4:30am to be able to get to Busch Gardens’ before it opened and give it a whirl.

Yes, I said 4:30 in the MORNING. And I am not a morning person. The excitement was real.

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Even though Parker is finally, FINALLY, well above the 48 height requirement for at least a few of the coasters, I can’t tell you how amped I was to hear that the height requirement on InvadR is 46″. Which means minis, who are too big for The Sesame Street Forest of Fun, but still too small for The Loch Ness Monster, can still hop on a “big kid” coaster and have fun with their families– something Parker spent a couple of seasons being really upset about. If only InvadR had come sooner!

STILL, it’s here now, for all the new little thrill seekers out there, and I think he was even more excited than me to hop on.


If you know anything about Busch Gardens, you know that not only is it beautiful, but the theming is pretty much perfect. InvadR and its gnarly hulking Viking self fits perfectly into the wooden, lumberjack-esque New France area of the park, and no, they did NOT tear anything out to put it in (trust me, people ask all the time). It interacts with both the Le Scoot Log Flume and the Caribou Train Station.

Granted, I’m not the greatest with photos, which means you should really just go and see it for yourself.

Don’t believe me yet?

How about this face, does this convince you?


No? STILL not enough. Sheesh, you’re really gonna make me pull out all the stops aren’t you?

FINE. I saved the best for last!

The footage of my first ever ride aboard InvadR in the front row.
Hold onto your sunglasses, people!



I’m seriously– hold on to your sunglasses! Put them somewhere safe! Bonus points to anyone who sees the point Thomas lost his. BUT, we had so much fun, he’s not even mad.

InvadR is open to the public now. Get to Busch Gardens and hop on!

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  • Bad news, my oldest is 21 and I’m still not a morning person. But really that’s not the worst of it. I homeschool–and I still don’t get the math!!
    I just pretend I’m too gosh darn creative to waste time with numbers, unless you want me to draw happy faces and mustaches on them!