Spring into Spring-a-Palooza at Great Wolf lodge!

I don’t know about you, but just because we sprang forward doesn’t mean it feels like spring around here– and the gloomy dreary still-cold weather isn’t doing much to help! Not that I trust what a groundhog says, but it definitely smells of lingers of winter, and I NEED spring in my life!

What to do when outside isn’t an option? Take a trip to Great Wolf Lodge during Spring-a-Palooza!

My family was invited to spend a brisk “spring” (and I use that term lightly) at Great Wolf in Williamsburg Virginia to enjoy their Springtime activities, including an updated version of (my kids’ favorite) MagiQuest!

Those are some kids who look ready to complete missions and battle enemies!

If you’ve ever played MagiQuest before, it’s a hotel-wide experience (because Great Wolf isn’t just about their wonderfully year-round warm indoor water park) where you and your kids can transform into mages with the swipe of your magic wands at stations on all 4 levels of the resort. Collect runes, discover hidden treasures, battle dragons and trolls, and become all-powerful.

My boys have played twice before, and twice before, they needed a lot of help from me and my husband to finish quests because it was rather easy to forget what you needed and where to get it. The updated MagiQuest has even more stations around the resort where you can check which items for the quest you’re currently on you’ve collected, and where to get them. There’s also a free app you can download along with the game so you don’t have to stop and check at the kiosks, you can just continue on about your way. Trust me when I tell you that this makes the game SO much more enjoyable for the little ones who may have gotten a bit overwhelmed and/or frustrated before.

On top of the new updates, kiosks, and quests, they’ve also added the new Rise of the Totem Masters kiosks for extra fun. You can purchase one of three totem characters to fight along side you and venture on brand new quests on special kiosks throughout the resort. One (adorable) totem is virtual, and free- so no need to purchase right away (as the other 3 totems are available for use by purchase), and each come with 20 new quests. We didn’t even GET that far, that’s how much there is to do!

Once our legs couldn’t carry us any more (parents, you will seriously get your steps in by tagging along with your kids on quests, but you can also hang out in the lobby and have a coffee, or even book a spa treatment if your kids are old enough to be on their own for a bit) we headed to the lobby for a spring picnic party with games and a bubble dance party.


We honestly had SO much fun, and the kids are already asking when they can go back and play (and of course, wondering when they’ll get to enjoy the waterpark again). If you’re looking for an awesome, quick getaway for the whole family, check out Spring-a-Palooza at Great Wolf Lodge, every day through April 16th!

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