Caught Remote Handed- Do YOU Cheat with Netflix?

A few nights ago, I found myself in a familiar situation: an hour deep in a conversation about what to watch on Netflix with friends. From cartoons, to movies, to original series- there are always recommendations to throw out, and shows that are amazing we’ve never heard of. It’s an endless treasure trove of viewing pleasure. But this conversation took an unexpected turn. My friend told me that her husband went ahead and watched a series on Netflix she wanted to watch… WITHOUT HER.


Just as I was about to rip into the man and explain the million ways this offense was one worthy of divorce, I realized something…. I am guilty of the same horrible crime.

That’s right! I’m GUILTY! I watched an entire season– ENTIRE SEASON– of Black Mirror before I was able to control my cheating ways and stop so Thomas could catch up and be able to watch season 2 with me. Do I regret it? Obviously not, since I started The OA without him and got caught remote handed in the middle of episode one. Thinking back, I’ve been guilty of this for a long time.

Back when Netflix sent me to New York City for Orangecon, and they released new episodes of Orange is the New Black early, do you think I waited until I was home to start the season with Thomas? HELL NO I DIDN’T! I have no self control! Apparently that was just the beginning of my cheating Netflix spiral of not-so-shame. Because I still don’t feel bad. Netflix is the itch I must scratch. And the apple does not fall far from the tree, because now my kids are pulling this crap on each other.

From sneaking episodes of The Walking Dead before the other wakes up, to popping on Troll Hunters when the other is sleeping.

It’s a sickness. One that cannot be cured. Honestly, cheating with your favorite shows just means you have to watch them again, and… well… I see nothing wrong with that.


Looking for some more recs to cheat with? I got you covered!

Family TV night may happen only once a week, so good luck waiting for the next episode in this truly cheat-worthy lineup.

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