Arts and…. Craps?

I had this whole big plan to write this blog about the endless stream of CRAP our kids bring home from school and claim it’s art. I still believe that, but I had a weird realization.

Could it be that I just don’t understand art? Is that why so much of it just looks like splatters thrown on canvas, clay clumped into pointless shapes, and garbage superglued together into… well.. whatever? Am I just not sophisticated enough?? There’s plenty I find beautiful, inspiring, showing talent beyond measure, but the junk my kids bring home? No. I struggle to even keep a straight face while I tell them how wonderful their creations are.

BUT, as hideous as they are (and man, are they hideous) we must hold on to these little pieces of…. art. Why?

At the end of the world, when we’re all gone, their hideous turd-mound looking clay pots are going to be all that’s left to learn about our civilization by.

So, you’re scratching your head, right? You’re over there like “LOL, the fuck is this crazy lady going on about?”
But I’m about to blow your mind. Or, I’m about to prove that the past few weeks have finally shit on the last bit of my sanity and pushed me over the edge. I’m not wearing tinfoil hats yet, so I’m pretty sure you’re going to be on my side.

Believe it or not, I watch a few shows about history. Excavating, ancient times, past civilizations. On these shows, they always find a majority of the same things:

The occasional bone, decrepit structures, and, wait for it… what archaeologists call “primitive pottery.”

And what, prey-tell, does this “primitive pottery” look like?


And what does THAT look like??

The. same. bullshit. my. kids. bring. home. from. school.


Are you following where I’m going with this?

What if, these long-lost ancient civilizations weren’t wiped out by famine, disease, or volcanoes…. but by their EVIL CHILDREN?!

I’ve long been convinced that children are trying to destroy us. From the tantrums to the whining to the arguing, to the sass, to the plagues they bring home and the homework we have to help them with– they’ve been trying to bring us down for as long as written history exists. BUT– what if– they’ve succeeded before?

Are their weird, disfigured clay creations really useless pieces of crap, or are they priceless artifacts of last remnants of humanity once they’ve succeeded in wiping us out?
Think about that next time you wanna chuck that shit in the trash while they aren’t looking.

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  • It’s not my daughter that gets upset when I throw out the stuff she makes at daycare, it’s my husband, haha.

    For real though, I figure the important thing about doing these types of crafts is to help your kids develop those motor skills and for you to be proud of them for working hard at making something. The skills and pride remain, even if the craptastic construction paper snowman your kid glued a nose onto gets recycled.