You are NEVER “Too old”

There are so many different ways I could start this blog– and I’ve been sitting here for I don’t even know how long typing out each and every one of them, but backspacing them into oblivion because nothing feels quite right. I wanted some kind of unique opening, something to really pull you in and keep you reading. Maybe it would be mysterious, or interesting, or alluring. Maybe it would have you guessing what I was writing about, only to be wrong. Maybe you would instantly know what I was writing about and agree. None of those openings came to me, so I’m just going to get right down to it.


There. I said it. Now that felt right.

Most of us have heard it our entire lives. Too old to believe in Santa. Too old to play with dolls, or Legos, or matchbox cars. Too old to be sleeping with a stuffed animal or a nightlight. Too old to still be playing so many video games. Too old for this, that and everything.

But never have I heard it as often as I do now that I’m over 30. And not just people saying it to me, but people saying it to themselves, to each other.

And never have I heard it as often as I have since I strayed away from natural hair color.

I’ve been basically every color of the rainbow at this point, from black to platinum, red, pink, all kinds of shades of purples and greens and blues, and with every new color comes an onslaught of new comments about said color.

And not the kind you think. Sure, I hear some people tell ME I’m too old to still be dying my hair crazy colors, but mostly it’s women commenting on photos I post telling me THEY would love to do the same, but they’re “just too old.”

This breaks my heart, ladies (and any gentlemen who happen to feel that way, though none have ever expressed so to me).

How did we ever get it driven into our brains that we’re EVER too old to do something to express ourselves, something we enjoy, something that makes us happy? That once you’re a certain age, fuck it, time to get serious and be boring and just be happy with what you’ve got–stop doing new things, stop striving for success, stop reaching for new dreams, or making new goals, or finding new interests?

There’s no rule, no law, written or unwritten. No one can enforce this except, well, ourselves.

Much like the opening of this piece, I’ve been trying to find the right words to help get my point across. I wish writing for a living meant that all the words to help motivate you to treat age as what it is- a number- would come to me. To help explain eloquently and convincingly that, if anything, the fact that you’re “too old” should motivate you even MORE to do these things because you’re sure as hell not getting any younger, and why ever put yourself through living a life full of things you want to do but never did simply because of this notion in your mind, or the fear that others will say that you shouldn’t because of your age– but I don’t, and I’m not that eloquent, and I know it’s easier said than done.

My opinion might not mean much in the grand scheme of things, but I’ll say it again- You’re NEVER TOO OLD.

Dye your hair crazy colors. Read the comic books. Play the video games. Jump out of a plane. Go back to school. Travel around the world. Learn an instrument. Try something completely new and crazy and scary (that is legal).

You’re NOT too old–and if anyone says otherwise, you’re also never too old to use your middle finger.

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