We Did Absolutely NOTHING over Winter Break–and it was Everything I Thought it Could be.

I’ve been sitting here on my couch for a solid 20 minutes, fingers hovering above the keys on my keyboard, reflecting upon the past 2 weeks of what the schools refer to as “winter break”, unable to type a single thing. I expected to have funny stories, adventures to share. Anecdotes, quips, tales of horror and calorie consumption. Something, ANYTHING interesting to write, but I don’t. For the first time EVER, nothing happened over Christmas break. No one puked after the bell tolled 12 on New Year’s Eve. No one pooped under the Christmas tree (no, that’s never happened. The puking, yes). No one ignored the expensive toy they were given and preferred the box instead. NOTHING. Just….. nothing.

Typically, when I can’t think of anything to share, I don’t- why force it? This time, it’s a little bit different.

I don’t really think anyone wants to hear about how I spent the better part of 2 days watching The Twilight Zone & Harry Potter, or how on New Year’s Day after eating breakfast, we all climbed back in bed and basically rolled around drowsily until 11am. I didn’t go on any adventures. We didn’t travel- my Dad’s house is about 15 minutes away in the next town over and we spent only Christmas Day there stuffing ourselves full of food and playing a few games. We didn’t go caroling. Didn’t have a party on New Year’s Eve.

We cooked and the kids helped. We ordered takeout and ate dinner on the couch. We learned how to play the new video game they got for Christmas together. We avoided leaving the house. We spent days in pajamas.

Looking back on the break, we did almost nothing productive. Why am I telling you about it, then?

I get the feeling that a lot of you reading this had a similar winter break to mine. It wasn’t exciting. It didn’t give you many stories to share– and when looking back on it, it’s easy to think “Man, why didn’t we do more together?”– especially when you read about all the fantastical things everyone else did. And that’s when I had this weird, tiny, dim bulb go off in my head, and like I said, this is no epiphany or realization or really anything else–but even doing nothing together is still doing something TOGETHER. Am I right? I’m pretty sure I am.

It didn’t matter that we weren’t out in the world, weren’t doing anything productive, never left the house, didn’t bother getting dressed- we spent the holidays doing all these lazy unproductive things side by side, and isn’t that what the holidays are about?

I try to think of it this way– it’s not quality over quantity or quantity over quality, but just being there, for however long, together.

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  • Yes!!! We did the same thing, I have a teenage daughter, her best friend came for more than a week and we all, including my husband, barely left the house. We cooked, we ate, we loved our jammies and barely got off the couch, and that was to into bed or to the kitchen, and to walk our dogs. It was glorious and we all loved it. Nobody was happy to go back to “real” life!!

  • So awesomesauce