Not so Unfortunate at all- Netflix’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events”

It’s a bittersweet moment when your kids going from watching all cartoons to watching real programming. And by real programming, I mean the kind that doesn’t want to make you scream. The kind you can actually watch together. While it’s awesome, because, FINALLY, you can actually enjoy TV together again– you wonder– am I actually going to miss Paw Patrol? Is this the end of Disney (NEVER!)? What shows are actually appropriate now??

I’m curious– as a parent– how do you decide when to move on to the next stage of television? For me, it’s not the ratings (PG, G, etc.) that are the be all end all deciding factor. Of course, that plays into it, but it’s also a gut feeling I get from the show, and from where I believe my kids are in maturity.

As I sat down with the kids to watch Netflix’s new series- Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (Streaming Jan 13th), I definitely had that pause. It’s a dark book series, for sure. Were they ready for such dark undertones? Because the series definitely follows that path. Would they understand the Baudelaire orphans’ incredibly intelligent banter?  Neil Patrick Harris is unshakably lovable no matter what part he plays, but were they prepared for just how evil, manipulative, and murderous Count Olaf is?

I took the chance, and I’m really glad I did. What I’ve noticed about opening your kids to new, more intelligent programming, is that it opens up more conversations as well. Lots of learning, and discovering, and thinking– and while it might get under my skin a little to have to stop and talk during a series I’ve found myself really getting into, I love that they’re paying enough attention to HAVE questions, and not just zoning out. I love that we have another show to watch together, and not me leaving the room, or playing on my phone, or them complaining that it’s boring.

Is this me recommending you take a chance on some more mature shows for the kids? Absolutely.

Is this also me recommending Netflix’s “A Series of Unfortunate Events”? ABSOLUTELY.

January 13th. Pop on Netflix and let Lemony Snicket (played by Patrick Warburton- KRONK- but seriously, can’t get enough of him) lead you down a dark and dangerous path. You and the kids will love it!

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