How do you recover from the after-holidays Crud? We use Ricola!

It’s a record! My family made it all the way through the holiday season and into the new year WITHOUT getting sick. But, the streak could only last so long.

Yesterday, in the middle of being snowed in, my oldest complained of a headache. Headache quickly turned into a fever, which quickly turned into him being horribly miserable. I always feel awful for my kids when they’re feeling this nasty. I don’t want to go near them, because I don’t want to catch it (I’m a miserable sick person), but I also want to comfort them.

How do you go about comforting your kids when they’re sick?

I always try to tell my kids to just rest- lie down on the couch and let your body focus on recovering. Watch some TV. Just relax! They’re completely unlike me in that regard. They have zero interest in slowing down. They don’t want to veg out, or nap, or anything else. They WANT to be up, and around, and playing with all the new stuff they got for Christmas.

                                                                     This is not resting

It drives me nuts, but I can’t strap them to their beds or tie them to the couches, so I have to find ways to help them feel better while they’re up and about.

Healthy well-rounded meals, early bed times (hey, if they won’t nap, I’m gonna make SURE they get extra sleep somehow!), lots of liquids, warm ones if their throats hurt, hand-washing- LOTS OF HAND WASHING, and a (clean) handful of Ricola.

Ricola has become a serious staple in my household, and I don’t think we’ve ever spent a year as healthy as we have been while using the Immunity Drops (being completely honest!)–but even when we’re unhealthy– it’s there to help.

Have you tried the Dual Action Cough Drops? They are a sore throat’s dream. From the unique blend of ten natural Swiss alpine herbs, to natural menthol and soothing syrup center, they’re the best thing I’ve ever used to comfort my kids when their throats are sore and scratchy–and they’ve really been saving us these past 24 hours with the sickly one!
Ricola Dual Action Cough Drops come in two yummy flavors: Swiss Cherry and Honey Lemon.

Effective, natural, delicious- quiets down the house, your throat, your kids. Run out to your local CVS or Walgreens and stock up…. because I’m not sharing!


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