Favorite Parenting Memes of the Week

Real talk: My health has been super shitty lately. My chronic pain is basically out of control (usually I can confidently say I have it managed) and it’s to the point where it’s so intense it’s clouding my brain and making it tough for me to concentrate– which means it’s next to impossible, and very painful, for me to write new blogs. Which sucks.

I’ll tell ya what, though, even with the high level of pain I’m experiencing, there are still things that make me laugh, and those are funny parents. Bless you all.

I don’t know who created these or when, but these are what have kept me giggling through the pain this week (and yes, I’m including some of my own. SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION!), so I hope you enjoy!


Why didn’t I think of this?















You can never be too safe…








The most serious letter I’ve ever written














They smell so much worse in water than in milk.











Never knew how much I’d relate to Scar as an adult















Not asking for myself at all….














Million dollar question















It’s the damn Thunderdome in here
















And people say the next generation is doomed.
































So fun


















My kinda ladies















Don’t you put that evil on me!














They’re gifted.













Me to a T














Those are what’s kept me giggling. What about you?

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