The New Clarifye Exam at LensCrafters- See What You’ve Been Missing!

Would you believe me if I said I didn’t know I was nearsighted until I was over the age of 21? I had no clue until I was sitting in a movie theater with a friend and complaining that the screen wasn’t in focus. It was. My eyes were the problem.

I’d only ever had my eyes examined when they had to be for school, or to get my drivers licence, and there had never been an issue before- so why get them checked again? That’s a pretty irresponsible thought process, because eye health is like mouth health and is seriously important to your well-being–but I had no clue!

Walking into the optometrist, I honestly didn’t know what I was walking into since it had been so long since I’d had them checked. It was long, it was uncomfortable, it was something I found so inconvenient that I didn’t end up returning to get my eyes checked again until my prescription was giving me headaches and my glasses no longer fit. Even ten years didn’t make the experience any more enjoyable, and, to be honest, I might have waited another 10 years if it weren’t for the new Clarifye system at LensCrafters.

I hadn’t heard of Clarifye until recently even though it came out this summer, but I wish I had, because it makes eye exams a breeze. Eye exams have been slow to catch up to the digital age, and they also haven’t ever been as accurate as they are now with Clarifye. The difference is in the technology, and you’ll notice a difference the moment you sit down in the exam chair.

No more knobs, no more adjusting, no more guesswork. Clarifye is a 60 second process that digitally maps your eyes almost like a thumbprint. Yes, they still have to blow air in your eyes–that’s not party of Clarifye, but the process is faster, more accurate, and a lot more informative than eye exams of the past.

Here’s what the Clarifye system looks like-


This machine can be worked by the technician from the other side, or from an iPad.

The incredibly friendly staff showed me how the information transferred from one to the other (it’s almost instant from machine to machine!), how it maps the eyes, and what it shows– which is so different from the old system. With the old way, the doctor might explain to you what he or she found, but you might not understand it. When you can actually SEE your eyes, see what they see, and have them point out exactly where or what an issue might be, it’s a world of difference in understanding what’s going on with your eyes.

Hey look! My eyeballs!

The scan isn’t the only part that’s changed, though. Typically with an eye exam, you go in, you get all the scans done, adjustments, etc. Then you go into the exam office where you have to read screens and have adjustments made on the machine to make the lenses clearer in order to find the right prescription. The Clarifye system has changed all of that, too!

Sure, you do still need to read read the charts, but again, the knobs are gone, there’s no adjusting–Clarifye does all of that automatically. You do still have to choose which picture is clearer, but with Clarifye, the doctor already has an idea of which one really IS clearer without even having to ask–so the guesswork is gone.

Bye bye, old fashioned knobs! Hello future!

Even in just a few years, my prescription has changed. Or, perhaps it’s just that the old system wasn’t as good as this one, and couldn’t pick up all the tiny details Clarifye can. When they showed me the difference between my current prescription (which seems pretty perfect to me!) and the prescription Clarifye concluded that I really need, it was crazy. I had no idea I wasn’t seeing as well as I could be.

These glasses are cute, but they aren’t correct!

Now I know, in and out in under 30 minutes, painless, stress-free, and with more knowledge!

Don’t wait to book your appointment at LensCrafters– see the difference for yourself! Your eye health is important, and you don’t need an entire afternoon to check on them!



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