Keep the “I’m Bored!”s away this winter break with these Netflix Recommendations!

One sentence horror story: My kids are OFFICIALLY on winter break! AHHHHHHHHHH!


How in the world do I keep them busy for the next two weeks? I don’t craft. It’s too cold to go outside because the air hurts my face. Coloring books only last for so long. Christmas presents get played with for like… half a day… and they destroy the boxes not long after that. This COULD be pure torture for me, but I have a not-so secret weapon: Netflix.

Netflix saves me from boredom, and from watching the SAME crappy, mind-melting kiddie shows on repeat- because every time I click it on, there’s something new for my kids to watch and give me some much needed peace.

The newest addition is a really fun original Netflix series by DreamWorks called Trollhunters- part one begins streaming tomorrow! There are 26 episodes- that’s THIRTEEN HOURS of adventure as you follow an average teen who must follow his destiny to save two worlds.


Did I mention it’s created by Guillermo del Toro? Yeah… It’s pretty awesome!

It’s on our watch list after we finish the awesome that is season 2 of Fuller House (we seriously can’t get enough!)

If adventure and magic don’t tickle your face, here are some other recommendations to fill your time that isn’t filled trying not to eat all the Christmas cookies in one sitting:

New on Netflix.


Trollhunters: Season 1 – 12/23


Fuller House: Season 2 – Now on Netflix


Lost & Found Music Studios: Season 2 – Now on Netflix

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Luna Petunia: Season 1 – Now on Netflix

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Chasing Cameron: Season 1 – 12/27


Yo-Kai Watch Movie – Now on Netflix


If you’re traveling for the holidays- Netflix has you covered with DOWNLOADS! You can finally preload your devices with all the goodies of Netflix to fill those long boring car rides and keep the “are we there yet?”s at bay.
To start downloading today, make sure your Netflix app is updated to the latest version and head to the ‘Available for Download’ menu on your tablet or mobile device. Don’t miss out on all the Netflix movies and series available to take with you, anywhere you go.

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