11 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions for Moms

We’ve officially reached that dark, fuzzy time of year where Christmas has passed, but the new year has not yet arrived, and we can never quite seem to remember what day it is. All we know is we have begun filling ourselves full of unrealistic hopes for a better year than the shithole that was the one we’re still stuck in, and our newsfeeds are full of “New Year, New Me!” nonsense from our friends and relatives.

Why set ourselves up for failure? Why make promises we know we won’t keep? Why give ourselves reasons to hate this new year before it’s even begun?

Why even MAKE resolutions if you know you’re not going to keep them? Good question! Normally, I don’t– but there’s something to be said for listening to someone lament about how quickly they broke their resolutions and being able to smile and respond “I kept and completed all 30 of mine already.”

Bragging rights, people. BRAGGING. RIGHTS.

Okay, so that’s not the only reason. There’s just something that feels good, when you’re surrounded by the chaos of children, to accomplish something. Even just a little something.

Today, I offer to you, some very achievable “resolutions” you can check off your list, even when you don’t have the time to drink a cup of coffee before it gets cold, or pee without someone knocking at the door.

  1. Pick up a piece of ice that falls on the floor instead of kicking it under the fridge
  2. Avoid yelling at the kids for 10 consecutive minutes (a toughie, but I know with hard work & perseverance, you can do it!)
  3. Read a book a chapter of a book in one sitting.
  4. Buy yourself something you want (not NEED) without feeling guilty
  5. Make a box dinner WITHOUT going back to the trashcan to look at the box 3 times. 2 times is acceptable.
  6. Watch something on television that ISN’T animated while the kids are still awake.
  7. Eat something sweet without sharing.
  8. Get to an appointment/event/movie/whatever without the kids making you late.
  9. Go an ENTIRE DAY keeping enough patience to not want to sell the kids to the circus.
  10. Somehow manage to stay awake until your own bed time without dozing off on the couch.
  11. Finish a load of laundry (washing, drying & folding) in the same day. JUST ONE. I’M NOT A MONSTER I SWEAR


See? There’s no reason to think about New Year’s Resolutions as impossible to keep, too time consuming, too stressful. The above may not make you richer, or healthier, or change you into a better person– but they’ll make you feel good, and after the crap past year, feeling good is pretty great.


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