T-Minus 14 Days until GILMORE GIRLS: A Year in the Life!

By the time you read this blog, it may be even less time until November 25th. I, for one, am looking into ways to invent time travel to shorten the time because I CAN’T WAIT.


There are many families on Netflix that look more like mine than the Gilmores (hell, we might even be more similar to the Byers from Stranger Things), but I’ve always felt like I’ve been a part of their family.

Maybe it’s the fast-talking, the pop-culture references, or growing up in a nosy tight-knit community. Maybe it’s that I always wanted that really close relationship with my mom, or wanted a daughter to have that kind of close relationship with. Maybe it’s that I kind of ended up the black sheep of my family (of sorts)– not super close with anyone but my kids. Something about Stars Hollow and the people in it just always felt like home.

Who else is ready to have breakfast at Luke’s? To see what the hell happened to Rory after traveling on Obama’s campaign trail? To see if Paris ever got over her disgust with sick people and became a doctor, and if she and Doyl are living weirdly-ever after and practicing Krav Maga? To see if Hep Alien ever made it big and what Lane & Zack’s twins look like and how big they’ve grown? Did Jackson EVER GET THAT DAMN VASECTOMY? Does Rory end up with Dean, Jess, or Logan… or even someone else?? What about Chris? I always held out hope for Chris over Luke, and that April’s mom would stop being awful, and that Kirk would keep being weird and happy. I worry for Emily, and wonder what life after Richard’s passing is like. Did Pennilyn Lott show up at his funeral? Did it set Emily off? I wonder if Stars Hollow kept that single stoplight up and took that awful traffic camera down. Are there still Friday Night Dinners? Do the girls still argue whenever spaghetti & meatballs are served? Have their metabolisms slowed down or can they still eat enough for an army and never gain weight?? Where did Brian end up living? What DO they watch on movie nights now? Still the classics? And Michele… oh, Michele. I want Michele to find love. I don’t know why. I think maybe it would mellow him out, though I’m not sure that’s what ANY of us want, because what would the Dragonfly be like without his constant sass and whining? Will there ever be another Bracebridge Dinner? What are the LAST FOUR WORDS (And I know you know which ones I mean!)???

There are so many things I NEED to know, and I cannot WAIT to find out–and share it with my family, no matter how different they might be from my home away from home.

So, whattaya say? November 25th, let’s all brew up a big cup of coffee, sit down, and go home again.


All 4 90-minute episodes available to stream on November 25th


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  • I am super excited for this, total dream come true. Rooting for Jess and Luke to be the main guys in their lives.