The Moms Meet WOW Summit Wrap Up– Worth Attending? Yes!

If you’ve been following any of my social media networks, or even just checking in on this blog from time to time, wowyou’ll know that over the last weekend I attended my first Mom Conference– The WOW Summit Green Moms Meet in Washington DC.

Not gonna lie- I was afraid. This wasn’t just a conference that talked about blogging, or parenting, it was one that focused on the living healthy side of life–for you, for your kids, even for your animals. Was I going to be walking into a conference full of crunchy moms who look down on me because the last crunchy thing I had was a taco from Taco Bell? It’s not that I don’t do my best to feed my kids healthy foods, and use healthy products around them– my life just doesn’t revolve around it. I land somewhere in between crunchy and slacker. A little closer to slacker most days.

I have to say, and I don’t say this often, I was wrong. The conference was a LOT of fun. From the moment I walked up to the registration table, the atmosphere was warm and inviting. It’s a smaller conference, so it wasn’t completely overwhelming and I never felt lost in the mix, I learned way more than I thought I would, and I made connections I never would have been able to otherwise.

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I got to meet and try a lot of products from some awesome brands (and I do mean a LOT–so many I can’t possibly plop them all in one blog), and I want to share a few of my favorites with you (because whenever I find something I really love, I have to share. SHARING IS CARING! Ya never know, I may have some giveaways of these products coming soon)




With two little boys, one husband, two dogs, and a bunny, I’m forever looking for ways to get rid of the funk in my house. A certain famous spray doesn’t quite do the trick for me, but I can’t say enough good things about Fresh Wave. Their products are only made with natural ingredients (no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances, alcohol, or Phthalate). Fresh Wave is made with plant extracts & water and lets science do the work to remove odors- and lemme tell you, my living room is smelling preeeeeeeetty fresh. They have sprays, smelly goods for stinky shoes, even shampoo for your pets! SO GOOD.




Not gonna lie, I had trouble even getting a photo of these because my family has literally inhaled every sample I brought home like the endless chasms they are.
A lot of times, when something is healthy, or “better for you”- it tastes like cardboard. Not the case here. These are straight up delicious (and they come in a ton of flavors, and made from black beans & snap peas). The little bag is only 90 calories. 50% less fat than potato chips, and 3g of fiber. Plus, they’re GMO & gluten free.


OHSO Good Chocolate by Solgar


Wait for it…. It’s OHSO GOOD, in more than one way! Not only is it delicious dark Belgian chocolate, but it’s jam packed with about 1 billion probiotics PER bar, and each bar is only 70 calories. BAM. GET SOME! (Also, it delivers live bacteria 3x more effectively than dairy products)


Mrs. Thinster’s Cookie Thins


If you’re gonna give your kids a treat, why not make it a BETTER CHOICE? Mrs. Thinster’s definitely fits that bill. (And I was heartbroken I didn’t act quickly enough to bring the Pumpkin Spice cookies home with me!)
No artificial Flavors, colors, or preservatives, peanut allergen friendly, non-GMO & no corn syrup. 80 calories per bag, and SO yummy!




I live in the south. Mosquitoes love me. The feeling is NOT mutual. BugBands seems pretty awesome, though I haven’t gotten the chance to really put them to the test yet (colder weather = fewer skeeters). They use naturally derived Geraniol to keep mosquitoes, flies, gnats, no-see-ums & fleas away. You can get one of their wrist bands (awesome) or this quiet diffuser (which, oddly, smells really nice!)– comes with 3 refill cartridges, each of which lasts for 120 hours. I love the summer, and being outside, so I can’t wait to be out there without getting chewed up!

And now for my kids’ favorite judging by the state of my kitchen table, of course-

They love books, they love reading, they love facts (because they’re know it alls, but there’s really nothing wrong with that) ant Nat Geo forever has something new & interesting for them to read.

Look, freebies aside, there are plenty of other reasons to attend next year’s WOW Summit. I don’t find it easy to make mom friends, and I networking isn’t something I’m fantastic at, and this convention provided me with easy opportunities to do both. It also really taught me to value myself, and my blog, and that there’s nothing wrong with talking yourself up (in parenthood and in business). That’s pretty invaluable, if you ask me. Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fun raffle contests, the comedy & cocktails night with Julia Scotti from America’s Got Talent. Just an all around great time. GO! Do it! You won’t regret it!

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