Looking for Something Spooky to Watch on Netflix? I’ve got you & the kids Covered!

I’m forever searching for the next spooky thing to watch on Netflix, especially with Halloween coming up in a few short weeks–and there’s always SO much to choose from it gets a little overwhelming trying to decide on a movie or whether or not to dive head first into a series. Some days I feel like I’m doing more searching than watching, but I’ve come across some serious gems for every level of horror enthusiast (from ‘absolutely wait until your children are in bed or they might be sleeping with you for the next twelve years’ to totally family friendly popcorn flicks) that I want to share with you!


For the adults:

takingThe Taking of Deborah Logan

The onset of Dementia, or something more? A team of doctors films the life of an older woman who is battling something that begins to seem like something far deeper than her supposed deterioration into dementia. This docustyle horror movie scared me more than anything I’ve watched in a LONG time.




Locked in a radio station, things on the outside of this bare-bones red-eye radio crew start to go crazy and leaves you wondering, is it zombies? Is it the end of the world? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!



starryStarry Eyes


How far will some people go to make it into the movie business? This might just confirm rumors that stars sell their souls to the devil to be a star. Eep! (Note: Very dark, very bloody, very disturbing)



 darknetDarknet (Series)


Creepy events that never seem to have anything to do with one another until they do. A man hears a strange noise coming from his ceiling that slowly drives him inside. A woman follows a stranger series of murders. How do they all fit together?? The first horror series I ever picked up on Netflix and not only did it creep me the hell out, it pulled me in. Where is season 2?


blackmirrorBlack Mirror (Series)


Everyone has been going on and on about this creepy technological series until I finally gave in, and I’m loving it and hating it at the same time. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING! Season 3 begins streaming on October 21st!



And now for some more family friendly titles- pop some popcorn and cuddle up on the couch (or kick the kids out of your spot and watch them anyway!)

gooseGoosebumps (The series AND the movie)


Whether you love Jack Black or you can’t stand him (I personally love him!) Goosebumps is a FANTASTIC movie, and while the series might make me cringe, it’s tame, and my kids love it.



corpseCorpse Bride


Tim Burton. Johnny Depp. Spooky ghosts, songs by Danny Elfman and claymation. You can’t really go wrong with that combo.



addamThe Addams Family


It’s classic, it’s funny, it’s perfect for Halloween!


trollTroll Hunter


I didn’t watch this with my kids, but I think it’s totally safe to watch. It’s suspenseful and creepy without gore or nightmares. It’s Norwegian “found footage” of documentary film-makers who find and follow a professional troll hunter into troll territory, and while the trolls are definitely creepy (and maybe a little cheesy)- it’ll make your heart race. I’d say age 10+ is good, but view it for yourself to be sure!


ht2Hotel Transylvania 2


Okay, so it isn’t scary, but it’s full of monsters and creepy creatures, so it counts, right?






Stock your queue with this list & you’ll be set! Well, at least for a few binging sessions.


New on Netflix for Kids, Tweens, Teens and Families.

Haters Back Off

Haters Back Off!: Season 1 – (10/14)

SkylandersAcademy DisplayArt 040 ret

Skylanders Academy: Season 1 – (10/28)


StoryBots Super Songs: Season 1 – (10/7)

Project Mc2

Project Mc2: Season 3 – (10/14)

Mr. Peabody

The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show: Season 3 (10/21)


Bottersnikes & Gumbles: Season 2 – (10/14)



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