Make Your Disney World Trip Ten Times Easier by Renting from Orlando Stroller Rentals!

Even after all the years, all the trips to Disney World, and our insistence upon trying new things (sometimes to our extreme detriment)- there is one thing we ALWAYS do, and one thing I recommend every. single. time without hesitation: Rent a stroller from Orlando Stroller Rentals!

I know what you’re thinking- But Jenny, aren’t your kids a little old to be riding around in a stroller?

Usually, I’d agree with you. Here at home base, whenever we go to parks we make the kids walk, but Disney is a far different story. When you’re walking 12+ hours a day, with random downpours, and you have to carry along a ton of stuff, a stroller becomes your absolute lifesaver. When the kids legs get tired (and I don’t just mean them making excuses in the first 5 minutes, but literally so tired they may not be able to trudge on and you’re still trying to make the absolute most of your trip by not tapping out early), or your back gets tired from carrying your bag, or you buy too much stuff (like you always will), or the sky opens up- the stroller becomes the go-to. I can’t imagine a trip without it, I dread the day the kids really are too big to squeeze in there for a quick rest, or to hide from the rain!

It's also a pretty sweet spot to nap

It’s also a pretty sweet spot to nap

There are a lot of stroller rental companies to choose from, but while I can’t imagine not using a stroller, I also can’t imagine not using Orlando Stroller Rentals. From the choices, to the prices, to the resort delivery & pick up, to the cooler that comes with the rental, to the rain cover that turns soggy Florida into a dry limousine ride for the kids, to the awesome customer service, no one beats them. I’ve seen parents with other rentals struggling, and every year they come to us and ask us who we rent from, where we got the rain cover, wondering why they didn’t do the same.

Check out this super sweet ride in action:



Okay, so I suck at getting photos of it because we were too busy using it- but trust me on this one- don’t be left out in the rain!

So before you travel, really look into it, check out Orlando Stroller Rentals, and RENT! DO IT! You’ll thank me later!



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