Busch Gardens HOWL O SCREAM Circo Sinistro Video Walk Through!


I’ve gotten over most of my childhood fears, but one that’s stuck with me through the years is DOLLS. I don’t know if it’s the beady eyes, or the fact that no matter where you go in the room, they’re always staring at you and trying to suck out your soul….. who knows?! All I know is I don’t like them. They scare me. I refuse to have them in my house. So, naturally, when I heard that Busch Gardens was giving the good ol’ heave-ho to the pirates of what was their haunted maze called Cutthroat Cove in this year’s annual Howl-O-Scream and bringing back the clowns, hosted by a ventriloquist dummy named Max who’s hell-bent on scaring everyone to death, my first thought was YES! BRING IT ON!

Wait… what?

What can I say? I’m a glutton for punishment. I LOVE Halloween, I love being scared, and as fun as Cutthroat Cove was, pirates never struck me as “scary”.

Along with fan favorite mazes like Deadline (zombies in a Subway!), the Catacombs, Lumberhack (because what haunted theme park is complete without chainsaws?) and nearly a dozen more mazes and scare zones, CIRCO SINISTRO is the perfect addition.

Busch Gardens, the kind souls they are, strapped a go pro to my chest and sent me through the big top on opening night. Oh yes, you get to see it RIGHT NOW!



Those dolls were out to get me. Now, I know you can’t see everything- but that’s the point! You need to go see it for yourself! And while you’re there, grab a pumpkin spice piece of cheesecake, an AMAZING grilled corn on the cob, and try one of the 2 new ESCAPE ROOMS.

You’ll get to meet my new friend here- and see if you can figure out the clues in 30 minutes

Or, you can choose to try to figure out the mystery of Jack the Ripper. Pick your poison!

Honestly, if I were to give you the full run-down of EVERYTHING there is to do at this year’s Howl O Scream, we’d be here for a week. All I can tell you is that my kids have been begging to go back since we left. Hope to see you there!

Busch Gardens Howl O Scream runs Friday, Saturday & Sunday through October 30th!

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