Back to School BUGS! Here’s to Trying to Stay Healthy!

Here we are, barely two weeks into the new school year, and I’m ALREADY SICK! Even worse- I can’t blame it on my kids! Whatever this funk is came on the morning of their first day. How insane is that? Honestly, I think it’s because I’ve been absolutely running on fumes. When you don’t take enough time for yourself, it wreaks havoc on your energy, your body, your brain, and your immune system.

Over the past month I’ve dealt with a nasty injury, 8 days in Disney World (which let’s be honest- 20k+ steps per day firstdayisn’t exactly what I’d consider “relaxing”), and then only having two days to get the house restocked with food and supplies to start the year off right. I was exhausted before it ever began–which wore me down enough to let a bug in, and man, it’s been a real doozy.

I’ve been so focused on eating right and hand washing and mouth covering that I really didn’t stop to think maybe I wasn’t STOPPING enough. Even though it seems like it’s all about the kids right now, what with schedules and extra-curriculars and homework and everything else that comes along with the school year- we have to remind ourselves to take time for ourselves or we’re never going to make it through! At least, not without falling down sick way more times than we’d like. Take my word for it!

I think, going forward, the hand washing and mouth covering are still going to be important, but so will be resting, lazy days, SITTING DOWN, and doing what I can to keep everyone in this house plague-free. Luckily, I have my not-so secret weapon Ricola to help–and while I’ve been slacking–the kids have been eating their new delicious Ricola Herbal Immunity Herb Lozanges like they’re candy (because they’re that delicious, and the kids are kind of obsessed with anything and everything healthy). I mean, look who’s healthy surrounded by germ-filled kids, and who got sick?? Plus, they’re all natural, so I have zero worries about letting them eat them whenever they like.

Ricola Herbal Immunity harnesses the power of herbs, ginseng and vitamins B6, B12 and C to boost immunity strength and fight fatigue– something I SERIOUSLY need right now! They JUST came out in two awesome flavors- Citrus Herb & Honey Herb (both of which are delicious), and you can grab a box (or five) at your local CVS, Walgreens, and/or Rite-Aid.


Oh, and they’re individually wrapped- which is really great for being on-the-go, or tossing into bookbags.

May we all stay healthy this back to school season! I’ll be over here with my tissues, Ricola, and crossed fingers!


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