The Mom on TV Who Is FINALLY Like Me!

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Moms on TV don’t remind me of. well, me. It’s something I didn’t realize until I had kids of my own. Moms get painted one of two ways on TV: either they are impossibly perfect, everything in its place, makeup done, nails done, heels on…OR they are shrill and evil and just plain awful. When I watch shows about parenting, I don’t want to just relate to the family dynamics, I want to relate to the moms. I want to see someone at least a little like me.


My life as a parent is one epic #MomFail after the next. I’m never going to be the perfectly coiffed mom, or the president of the PTA. Hell, I’m a member of what I like to call the PTA Protection Program. I actively avoid them every day when I pick my kids up from school as they protest: “BUT IT’S JUST FIVE DOLLARS TO JOIN!” I can’t do it! I refuse!


I’m the mom who drops my kids off every day, not always on time, looking exactly how I did when I rolled out of bed that morning, complete with hot-mess hair and the remnants of yesterday’s failed smoky eye running down my face because maaaaaaaaaybe I had a little too much to drink the night before and forgot to wash it off.


I’m the mom who didn’t read the school pamphlet before my oldest’s first day of kindergarten and was a half an hour late to pick him up. OOPS.



I’m the mom driving the bird poo covered hoopty while everyone else has pristine minivans. I’m also the mom who curses at the minivan mafia for taking 5,000 years to kiss their little preciouses goodbye in the carpool line. HURRY UP!


I’m the one who forgot the diaper bag one time when we went out to eat, so when the baby crapped up his back, the only thing we had to replace his pants was his hoodie. That’s right. Legs in the sleeves.


At least once a week, I “forget” to make something for dinner just so we “have” to order takeout. I hate housework. I don’t craft. I’ve worn the same outfit two days in a row because NO ONE SAW ME ANYWAY SO WHO CARES?


Road trips fun? No. Road trips = hell.



Did I list all of these things to show you what a crap mom I am? No, because I’m not! I’m just me. I used to feel the pressure to try to be the “perfect” mom, but the moment I stopped and just let go of perfection, my life might have become a bit messier, but I also became HAPPIER. So much happier, and more relaxed, and there wasn’t as much fighting or stress. The kids are happy and healthy and usually well-fed (even though sometimes I feed them junk, but so what?). We laugh, we go on adventures, we have lazy days where we do absolutely nothing, and we love it. We’re all doing well! Isn’t that what matters?


According to some people, no. BUT, FINALLY, LADIES! THERE IS GOING TO BE A MOM ON TV WHO REPRESENTS US! I can’t even tell you how excited I was to see the previews on TV, and even more excited to talk about it here on this blog full of Mediocre Momisms.


If you haven’t heard of it, if you have no idea what show I’m hinting at (hint: it’s in the title of this blog!), it’s called AMERICAN HOUSEWIFE and it premieres Tuesday, October 11 at 8:30|7:30c on ABC.


Katie Otto, the mom in the show, is my spirit animal. She is so real and so funny as a woman trying to fit in with the perfect moms in her upper-class, Westport, Connecticut town. Only she doesn’t fit in. At all. She puts her clothes on backwards and has to scold her daughter for peeing in the yard. And it’s so glorious and relatable for those of us who never quite feel like we “fit in” with the clique-ish mom circles that can form.


Take a peek at the trailer!



Katie’s like me… but with better eyebrows! It’s almost like ABC has been watching me through my windows. Make SURE you tune in on October 11th… well, if you don’t fall asleep on the couch first, Just… make sure you have your DVR set, just to be safe.


How much can you relate? Take the American Housewife Personality Quiz below to find out:





AND, have your own little pre-party for the premiere by joining us on October 11th (4-5 PM PST/7-8 PM EST) for the American Housewife Twitter Party (woohoo! Party!! Rules here). Buy your favorite bottle of vino and join all us other Katie Otto types for this hilarious look into why we just don’t fit in! Lots of winners will be announced for both pre-party and party tweets! Use the hashtags #AmericanHousewife AND #chat for a chance to win!


Another perk? American Housewife Instagram Sweeps! ABC wants to hear your hilarious epic mom fails (try and beat me, I dare you) and is giving a $500 grand prize to one lucky sweeps winner. Just upload your EPIC MOM FAIL photo to Instagram and use the hashtag #AmericanHousewife for a chance to enter. Can’t wait to see all the wonderful failures I know you all are =)

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