Join Me at the WOW Summit in Washington DC 10/7 – 10/8! Ticket GIVEAWAY!


In the nearly 8 years I have been blogging, I have NEVER been to a blogger conference. Not once! I honestly haven’t even been tempted- but some offers are too good to refuse, and I couldn’t say no to an invitation to attend the WOW Summit in Washington DC 10/7 – 10/8.

What IS the WOW Summit, you might ask? It’s a convention held by Mom’s Meet specifically designed to help you and your family learn to live healthier lives. And with sponsors like Solgar, National Geographic Kids, Tasty Bite and Mary’s Gone Crackers- it’s going to be awesome!

Now, I know I rave about cheesecake and nachos …. pretty much always, but I actually do my best to lead a healthy lifestyle, and want the same for my kids. It can be tough to navigate the grocery store shelves and come up with new ideas to keep things moving, so why not open the gates to some suggestions? I’m down! Plus, it sounds like a really fun time, with speakers that talk about subjects from expanding your blog, to nutrition, AND, a comedy and cocktails night with with Dena Blizzard (One Funny Mother).

And if all of THAT is not enough- I will be there. Come on! You know that’s some kind of weird messed up incentive (insert 500 winky faces here)

Find out ALL the details here: http://www.greenmomsmeet.com/summit16/

Register for tickets (take 15% off using my code, HH15) here: http://greenmomsmeet.com/summit16/register.html


I’m also giving away TWO tickets to the WOW Summit- enter & come hang out, get all kinds of freebies, and have a great time! Winners will be drawn 8/24 at 8:55pm EST sharp! Good luck & I hope to see you there!

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