Celebrate Your Friends on National Friendship Day- July 30th!

Is it just me, or does there seem to be a “holiday” for just about everything these days? National Donut Day. National Smoothie Day. National Burrito Day, National Hug Day. National Feed Your Fish Day. I MEAN! IT’S OVERWHELMING! Am I supposed to be celebrating all of these?? It seems like it’s just encouraging me to bust out of my pants again, and to be honest, I’m too cheap to buy new pants.

002The lovely folks at Ricola recently reminded me that coming up on July 30th is National Friendship day, and as over “days” as I am, I think I can get behind this one. I’ve had some friends really go out of their way for me recently– and when you’re out of school and aren’t forced to see people every day and you have people who, without asking, lend you a hand, they’re definitely worth recognizing.

My friend Jess- who, at a moment’s notice, came over to take last minute head shots for my book signing because I didn’t have one. Who I know would be there if I needed her. She definitely deserves a mention.

Then there’s my friend and previous neighbor Nicole, who not only watched my bunny when we went out of town at the very last second, but brought me over essential oils for my back when it went out without me having to ask, without asking for anything in return- most definitely deserves a mention (and don’t get weepy, Nicole! You’re awesome!)

Do you have friends like mine that deserve celebrating? Look, I’m not a crafty-type person. I’ve never been great at gift giving, or wrapping, or really anything in that whole area- so, with that in mind, I have some really simple ideas you can whip up in just a few minutes to give to an awesomely deserving friend.

If they aren’t feeling well, think about just tossing some stuff into a basket that might make them feel a little better 001(and YES, THAT IS AN EASTER BASKET- DON’T JUDGE!). Some soup, of course. Bananas — if you don’t believe in the healing property of bananas, you are wrong! Bananas can help settle stomachs, help with energy level, and, bonus, they’re healthy! Toss in some painkillers, maybe a little booze, some coffee (I don’t know why, it just always makes me feel soothed!) and never forget the Ricola herb drops! There’s nothing better than the magical Chrüterchraft blend of 10 swiss herbs in fantastical little throat drops when you’re under the weather. 

You could grab a gift card, flowers, even take them a basket of coupons (who doesn’t love coupons??)

If you don’t have ANY of that, I’m sure you have a piece of paper lying around. Make them a card! The thing about good friends is that you don’t have to lavish them with expensive gifts – it’s the little things!


How will you be celebrating your friends this July 30th?


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