Supplies for the Summer Solstice!


Summer reminds me of parenthood- the days are LONG, but it goes by so quickly! Right now is the summer solstice, which means that days are the absolute longest, and my kids are out of school, which means I kinda wish they weren’t so long (wink wink wink!)

On these extremely long days, there’s no way we can spend then cooped up in the house. What we love doing the ricolablogjunemost is taking advantage of every outdoor activity possible before cold weather comes stomping back in. Carnivals, festivals, theme parks, road trips- you name it, we’re out living it.

The warmth from the sun, the smiles and laughs–the FOOD– the thrills, and the memories– there’s nothing quite like it. There’s also nothing quite like having those memories interrupted by booger bubbles the size of Texas and marathon sneezing fits. The summer flowers sure are beautiful to look at, but they don’t quite agree with the sinuses!

Maintaining my family’s well-being is absolutely one of the most important things to me, not just during the super-sickly winter months when school is in session (they want to miss it, but I sure don’t want them to!) but also in the summer months because I don’t want to miss out on any of this super-fun family time with them!

My kids are a little old for me to be lugging around a giant baby bag, but when we’re planning to be out the entire day, we like to carry along things that we might need for a day in the sun–way too much to pile into my purse (I don’t think my poor shoulder could handle it!)

Once we retired the baby bag, we grabbed a sturdy bookbag and started packing that instead. Depending on where we’re going- we carry anything from ponchos, to changes of clothes, to snacks- but there are three things we make sure to ALWAYS carry

003Sunscreen – There’s nothing quite like Vitamin D to make you feel great, but long hours in the sun can be awful for your sun. We make sure to reapply often & liberally!

Water – Hydration is SO important! STAY HYDRATED! I can’t stress that enough!

Ricola Original Drops- Before leaving the house, I always grab at least a handful of Ricola herb drops and put them in the front pocket, just in case allergies kick up (and they always do!) It never fails that as soon as we’re in the car and on the way to our destination, I hear “my throat is itchy!” and nothing works better than the magical blend of swiss herbs of Ricola (also known as Chrüterchraft).


If you’re like us, and planning to spend long hours in the summer sun- remember to always be prepared! WATER! SUNSCREEN! RICOLA THROAT DROPS!
….and maybe some extra antiperspirant because woooooo, it’s hot out there!


I’m sharing #Ricola  in my life as part of a Ricola sponsored series for Socialstars™

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