The Fun is Just Beginning at Busch Gardens & Water Country USA!


If you missed “Kidz Bop Live” last weekend at Busch Gardens, don’t fret. No need to feel sad, or future FOMO, because Busch Gardens & Water Country USA have your weekends COVERED for the foreseeable future. And if ya ask me, it puts Kidz Bop to shame.

I don’t know about you, but I’m over here screaming YES! THANK YOU!

My winters are miserable because I can’t visit my favorite places, and once spring is in full swing, all of that changes.

This weekend, May 21st is Water Country USA’s opening day! The weather might not be warm, but the water will be, and the lines will be short.

As if that’s not enough the following weekend is one of my favorite weekends of ALL the weekends- the start of Busch f&wGardens annual Food & Wine Festival! If you’ve never been, if you’re wondering if it’s worth the drive, worth the time, worth the anything- YES. YES IT IS. I dream of the fritters from the Caribbean stand. Not kidding. This year, they’re introducing a NEW stand- HAWAII! The Busch Gardens Food & Wine Festival runs Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starting Friday May 27th – Sunday June 26th.

Don’t miss Water Country USA Splash Nights- Friday June 24th & Friday August 5th. Only pass members get to enjoy this exclusive after-hours event!

That’s JUST the beginning! Make sure you check out the Official Busch Gardens website for schedules & up-to-date information.

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