How I’ve Become my Mom with the Help of Tissues & Ricola!

The weather is FINALLY warm, which means more time spent outside…. and a full-on assault of my family’s sinuses. We went from itchy-sneezy, to nasty sick, and back to sneezy-scratchy again.

Still, when the weather is nice enough to be outside, we are outside- so we’ve learned some tricks along the way to make allergies at least a little more bearable. Tricks that have been passed down from generation to generation! Time honored traditions! Okay, not really. It’s just something I picked up along the way by watching my own mom.

I always wondered why she carried tissues around in her purse at all times- and with two runny-nosed kids of my ricola530owns, I finally understand- and I do the same! Yes. I’m the mom with the Ricola drops, tissues, and smashed up crackers at the bottom of my purse. I have finally transcended into full mom-hood. But, it’s okay, because whenever I hear an “my throat is so ittttcchhhyyyy” followed by a wet sneeze, I am prepared! There’s nothing worse than watching your kid use their sleeve as a tissue when it could have been prevented by remembering to cram some tissue into your bag just like good ol’ mom used to.

I reach in, yank out a Ricola Original drop and a tissue and hand them over. Problem solved!

It helps that, unlike other allergy remedies, my kids are basically obsessed with Ricola and would inhale those soothing swiss herbs like candy if I let them!

Now, the ol’ tissue in the purse trick may not have a rich history, but Ricola does! Their original throat drop is celebrating 75 years of soothing allergies around the world!056

If you don’t know the story of Ricola, it’s actually pretty interesting! Check it out and immerse yourself into the magic of Chrüterchraft by clicking here.

75 years from now, my kids will probably still be sucking on Ricola drops to soothe their old throats… just probably with dentures.


I’m sharing #Ricola  in my life as part of a Ricola sponsored series for Socialstars™

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