Arming my Family Against Allergies with Ricola!

And just as we’re at the tail end of cold & flu season, allergy season comes rolling in on a giant wave of yellow pollen! It was only a few weeks ago that I completely lost my voice on the cruise we took, only to come back and have Holden come down with a stomach virus, and now- pollen, grass, dust, and all the lovely things that spring breaks other than just flowers and baby birds.

I’ve dealt with seasonal allergies my entire adult life, so I know to always avoid rubbing my eyes (I spend way too long on my eyeliner to accidentally smudge it!) and to arm myself against them, but my poor kids are getting smacked down early. From scratchy throats, to sneezing, to watery eyes, they’ve got the works- especially Parker.

Poor kid spent the weekend struggling through, and coughing, until he just got knocked down today and spent the day on the couch. He would have spent the entire day painfully coughing if it weren’t for me always being prepared.

I ran to the kitchen and grabbed him a couple Ricola Original Drops that I keep on top of the microwave at all times just for scratchy-throat sickly occasions like this.

Thankfully, they soothed his throat enough for him to conk out and take a long (and much needed) nap.
When he woke up, he asked me how exactly Ricola Drops work? I said- well, that’s easy. They have a blend of 10 Swiss herbs that naturally soothe scratchy throats. Over 50% of people who suffer from seasonal allergies like you also suffer from itchy, scratchy throats. But there’s no need to suffer from it! If you’re miserable and coughing, just grab a Ricola and Drop it!  He didn’t really understand (he is only 6), but what he did understand was that they made him feel better. He would have gone to get more himself, but he also claimed that his legs wouldn’t work, so I was the Ricola delivery girl of the day (for him, and for my 8 year old who claimed to also have a scratchy throat when he got home from school).

It’s beginning to look like this season is going to be rough on all of our allergies so, while I’m hoping to avoid any allergy meds (they make me SO drowsy!) I’m making sure to carry Ricola along with me in this nifty little coin purse wherever we go


I even send the kids to school with Ricola drops in hand, just in case.  Holden’s never had allergy symptoms before this pring, but I can tell by the 45 sneezes, allergy cough, itchy eyes, and scratchy throat that he’s definitely a spring sufferer just like the rest of us! He runs to the Ricola when he gets home to Drop it! And I’m okay with that, because it’s natural allergy relief. We spend a ton of time outside, but I think we’ll be okay!

Visit your local CVS and grab some Ricola to arm your family for the season!

Head to http://www.ricolaoriginal.com/en-us to read the stories & enter for a chance to win a GOLD Ricola drop!
For allergy information click here


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