Extend “Sibling Day” with the Help of Netflix!

My house did not celebrate “National Siblings Day”. Yes, I have a sibling. I don’t hate him. I actually quite enjoy his company these days. Yes, I have children who are, in fact, siblings. Thing is, I’m just trying to get my kids not to tear each other’s heads off. They’re nowhere near posting proclamations of love to one another on Facebook. So no, no celebrating. Mostly just policing, and cringing, and acting like an unpaid bouncer.

Apparently, without my consent, the kids decided to celebrate Sibling day. After a morning ripe with bickering, they plopped own on the couch and I braced myself for the battle over the television. It’s funny– they’re SO alike, watch the same stuff, play with the same toys, enjoy the same books–but they fight over ALL of those things. Okay, I guess it isn’t funny, but it’s true.

Pop- on goes Netflix. What are they gonna fight about today? I wonder. Scrolling through the options of what they haven’t watched (which isn’t much), Parker stops over a Tinker Belle movie. I fully expect Holden to protest. He tinkLOVES Disney, but when it comes to fairies, he isn’t usually down. He needs to stop growing up. FAIRIES ARE AWESOME!
Parker looks at Holden, Holden looks at Parker- I sense a storm brewing.

“Is it okay if y’all watch this?” I ask, hoping my words will act as a preemptive strike (or at least alert the children that any argument over the television will result in it being turned onto something I want to watch and they absolutely don’t.)
“Yeah, this is fine.”

Say what? Did you just say what I think you did? Is this real life??


The movie is called “Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure”, if you’re wondering, and it was adorable (Streaming on Netflix now).

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