KIDS ARE TURDS! Pre-Order Your Copy Today! (You Know You Wanna)

Less than one week from today, KIDS ARE TURDS will be sitting on bookshelves, just waiting for unsuspecting victims to kidsareturds2pick it up, crack it open, and read things like “CROTCHFRUIT”, “ALCHEMY OF THE ANUS”, and “A mom wouldn’t know silence if it crapped in its hands and clapped in her face.”
Ohhhh, I can just imagine the pearl-clutching butt-hurting rage that may happen! Even more, I imagine people laughing their asses off.

And I, for one, cannot wait! ONE more week- just 6 days, and my book will be out to wreak havoc upon the world!


You can pre-order a paperback on Amazon right now for just $10 (they also offer a Kindle version) and you will get it (just paperback) BEFORE the official release date of Tuesday April 5th!

You can also read an entire chapter right here (you know you wanna).

Make sure you give your local bookstore a ring if you don’t want to order a copy online to make sure they’ll have copies in stock on D-Day. They’ll be more than happy to line their shelves (if they aren’t already) if ya ask!

I’m so excited for you all to get your hands on a copy of KIDS ARE TURDS, and I hope you love it!

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