GIVEAWAY! The F*cking Relaxing Adult Coloring Book!

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Next week, my family and I will be embarking on our very first Disney Cruise. This sounds amazing (and it is!) until you realize we have to drive. Which doesn’t sound so bad until you realize that the drive is about 12 hours. With two kids. Who don’t get along. One of whom likes to ask “How much longer?” every five minutes, and the other is “UGHHH BORED!” in five-seconds flat. It’s gonna be good times, y’all. GOOD TIMES.

How does a parent stay sane on a trip like this? It’s kiiiiinda illegal to pop open the booze in a moving vehicle- BUT, we can still have some adult fun. Wait… that sounds wrong. Before you get any weird ideas brewing in those over-tired heads of yours, allow me to clarify.


And no just any. I’m talking about The F*cking Relaxing Adult Coloring Book.


Sure, swirly bunnies and trees are all well and good, but it can’t compare to the relaxation of filling in a flowery 068“Cocksucker”

I’m totally serious.

Okay, so if you haven’t heard of it by now, The F*cking Relaxing Adult Coloring Book is a 25 page curse-word (and swirly bunny!)  filled good time for adults who just want to release without screaming obscenities (although that can be pretty therapeutic, too).

And not just your boring ol’ “Fucks” and “Shits”- ohhhhhh, no. They went balls-out. Some I won’t even say out loud when my kids AREN’T around, but I think that’s what makes it so great. I definitely didn’t expect to see “Wankstain”, “Fuck Trumpet”, and “Turd Burglar” staring back up at me from coloring pages, but MAN those are gonna be fun to fill in while the kids are screaming at each other in the back seat.

Even better? It’s SERIOUSLY affordable (you can grab a copy on Amazon) 7 bucks and some change for foul-mouth bliss!

Even better than that? I’m giving away FIVE of them! RIGHT NOW! For real!

Use the widget below to enter to win (or just grab yourself a copy on Amazon if you can’t wait)- entry period ends Friday, March 4th at 8:45pm EST. Winners will receive an e-mail notifying them they have won and will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is drawn in their place. Okay? Okay! And GO!

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