What is the WORST Christmas Gift You’ve Ever Received? Submit Your Story!


No one wants to be the Class-A Jerkwad who hates a gift they received for Christmas, but let’s be real– most of us have been on the receiving end of a TERRIBLE gift. The kind where you have to physically restrain yourself from cringing. The kind where you’re glad a thought bubble doesn’t appear above your head because the gift giver would never speak to you again. The kind that makes you feel like a crappy person because you hate it SO much, it’s SO bad, that there is no way to be thankful for it. The kind you automatically know you’re going to regift next year, and the person who gets it is absolutely going to hate you for it, but you’re laughing on the inside because it will no longer be your problem.

The quintessential BAD gift.

SO bad that you send me your story so I can put it together with other tales of bad gifts in a blog so hilariously bad that it will make all of our bad gifts pale in comparison. And it will make us laugh.

Tell me- What is the WORST Christmas present you’ve EVER received? Use the form below to submit your story!

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