Busch Gardens Howl O Scream: Unearthed. Kid Friendly? Review With Video!

I am going to tell you what the lovely PR folks at Busch Gardens told me when I asked if the kids were able to tag along to this year’s media event for the much-loved Halloween spooktacular: Use your own parental discretion!

Not all kids are the same- we all know that- but it also applies to what level of “scare” they can handle. My kids, who just turned 8 and 6, and I don’t know if this is weird but I wouldn’t doubt it, are the ones who have watched every single episode of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” and “Goosebumps” and laughed at me for ever being scared of them. Rude. They LOVE scary stuff. They look forward to Howl O Scream all year, but it wasn’t always that way. Just a few years ago I’d have to burrow their face into my chest and run them through scare zones once the park turned scary at 6pm.

Now? I didn’t even think twice- even with the amped up scare level being offered this year.
Busch Gardens covered all the bases this time. For the past year, they’ve been posting news articles about how they were digging out a new ride and found something ancient beneath the dirt. As a Busch Gardens Blog Ambassador, I knew this was hyping up for this year’s event, but my husband fully believed it- and he’s not easily fooled!

Busch Gardens: Unearthed features 2 new haunted houses and 1 new haunted maze, along with fan favorite houses of the past years and scare zones full of blood sucking vampires and chainsaw wielding mad men in France.

Howl O Scream time! @buschgardensva

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My kids has a blast, and named the new haunted house “Scarlett’s Revenge” (where “13 Your Number’s Up” used to be) their favorite.
If I have one warning for you- it’s that the houses ARE gory. Blood and guts everywhere. Scarlett’s Revenge is the brainchild of the producer of The Blair Witch Project, and cleverly uses the giant IMAX screens from “Europe in the Air” to really make the experience unique and dreadful.

If that isn’t your speed, and you’re afraid of scarring your children for life, have no fear. Busch Gardens has plenty to offer the little ones.

Enjoying the blood banquet! @buschgardensva #howloscream

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With stage shows in Das Festhaus, Monster Stomp in the Globe Theater (a personal fav. but don’t take them to see Fiends. Trust me on this), and the rare opportunity to meet Count Von Count in the Sesame Street Forest of Fun. Not to mention all the seasonal goodies (Hello? Pumpkin Cheesecake!) and some spooky figures hanging around that won’t jump out or chase them. Just be out, or in a safe zone by 6pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


If you want proof that my kids didn’t crap their pants, run away, and immediately start sending me their therapy bills- here is a video of us walking through Scarlett’s Revenge! (Don’t mind me. I’m a spaz)



Not enough? I wish I had more pictures, but rain persisted, and while we had an amazing time, it wasn’t an amazing time for my camera. But I did get this (and I will be going back again…. and again)! Check out this kid with the woman of the night!

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