My Cartoons Were Better Than Yours, Just Ask Ms. Frizzle!

There’s not much I love more than being able to rub in my kids’ faces the fact that my childhood cartoons were better than theirs. WAY better. Like, a million times over. The junk they watch hurts my brain. I’m sure my parents felt the same way, but that’s beside the point! My cartoons smack the crap out of theirs! Unfortunately, it’s been a little hard to prove it. Sure, there are some grainy Youtube videos out there of the magical things that filled my Saturday mornings, but it’s not enough!

I cringe at news of the next big Hollywood remake as much as anyone, but when it comes to reviving fantastic cartoons of TV past? Oh, I’m so in. Or, so I thought!

While my kids were scrolling through Netflix one day, they happened upon a treasure trove of seasons of The Magic Schoolbus. It was like a frickin’ miracle! The Magic Schoolbus and the Oregon Trail were my JAMS growing up. I loved them, couldn’t get enough of them.

Fun throwback! Education! Nostalgia! Ms. Frizzle! frizzle

By episode 20, my enthusiasm had faded.

When my kids love something, they love it TO DEATH. Wait… that makes them sound like serial killers. Not what I meant. I just meant that they took my love of the throwback and stomped it into the dirt. THEY STOMPED IT INTO THE DIRT! DAMNIT, MISS FRIZZLE! But… it’s educational, and innocent, and way better than that yellow turd with 4 corners and the most obnoxious laugh known to man, so…. I can’t really argue with it.

Ugh. I think the next time I try to get them to appreciate the awesomeness of my childhood TV habits, it’ll be with a remake instead.

At least the jokes will be current!

And Netflix has PLENTY of those! (Go Go Gadget TV remote!)

Throw it on back with me (just beware the lure of Miss Frizzle!)- here are some recommendations for all ages!

Must-Watch Throwbacks

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DangerMouse EN US 571x800
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New on Netflix for Kids and Families

SAR S1 boxshot USA en

Gallina Pintadita (Now streaming in Spanish!)

Bindi’s Boot Camp (6/15)

Some Assembly Required (6/19)

Dragons: Race to the Edge: Season 1 (6/26)

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